Character information
Name Zooker
Gender Male
Franchise Morphers
Weapons/Accessories Potato Knishes
Occupation Baker
Residence Giant Bakery
This machine creates potato knishes!
— Zooker's first line when entering the game
This machine creates little black squash balls!
— Zooker's second line when entering the game
This is where I make centipedes!
— Zooker's third line when entering the game
Zooker is a Morphers character in LEGO Dimensions.


In his childhood, Zooker was hated by the other Norphers because his ears were bigger then his head and because he was ugly. Zooker wanted to be a rabbi when he grew up but it never happened. As an adult, Zooker went crazy and built machines to turn Norphers into potato knishes, potato pancakes, black squashy balls, little black worms, and centipedes, and other Jewish foods. He was found by Florence, and Zooker kidnapped her and a Norpher who he turned into a potato knish, then a potato pancake, then a little black worm, then a black squashy ball, and finally a centipede. She called him hideous and stupid. This caused Zooker to commit masochism by turning himself into a potato knish. The potato knish was later eaten by Norphinator.


This machine turns potato knishes... into potato pancakes!
— Zooker's first line when leaving the game
This machine makes centipedes!
— Zooker's second line when leaving the game
I turn little black worms... into centipedes!
— Zooker's third line when entering the game
I love Potato Knishes.
— Zooker's first line when idle
The magic and the mystery of potato knishes.
— Zooker's second line when idle
I sure love to make centipedes.
— Zooker's third line when idle
This is where I make potato knishes.
— Zooker's line in Norpher Zooker's Bakery
It turns potato pancakes... Into little black squash balls
— Zooker's line when using the first finishing move.
I turn little black worms... Into centipedes
— Zooker's line when using his second finishing move
Potato Knishes.
— Zooker talking to Crash Potatoes

Idle Animations

  • Zooker eats a potato knish.
  • Zooker's neck rapidly extends towards the screen.

Finishing Moves

  • Zooker turns the enemy into a potato knish.
  • Zooker makes a swarm of myriapods eat the enemy.


  • In Morphers, he is portrayed by a robot Text To Speech voice, taken from Rat Boy Genius' video "Potato Knishes". In game, Archive Audio is used for his quotes.
  • He is the fourth character confirmed to be Jewish included in LEGO Dimensions. The first is Krusty the Clown, the second is Chunk, and the third is Abe.

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