LEGO Zarrus
Character Information
Name Zarrus
Gender Male
Franchise Choose Your Fighter!
Weapons/Accessories Smelting Hammers
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Emerald Dragon

Blacksmith Station

Occupation Wandering Blacksmith, Guild Tanker
Residence Cibna Village (U23 Overworld)
Time to drop the hammer!
— Zarrus's first line when entering the game
The Omega has arrived!
— Zarrus's second line when entering the game
Needed a blacksmith? I'm your guy!
— Zarrus's third line when entering the game
Zarrus is a Level Pack character for the Choose Your Fighter! franchise in LEGO Dimensions.


Zarrus was left on the doorstop of a blacksmith when he was young, when the corrupted dragon attacked Emeraldinia. He was trained in the art of being a blacksmith, and excelled at being innovative with his craft. He fashioned a furnace onto his backpack at the age of 10, mastered his craft at the age of 16, and he wandered around the world at the age of 20, where he met Cybern and Hekama. He offers his services as the Dragonfire Guild's heavy hitter and tanker. After learning of his Emeraldine roots, he learned about the ancient art of Emerald Power and vowed to bring his civilization back.

Dimensions Crisis

Zarrus wanders around the Overworld when he's pulled into the heat of battle with several Vortech minions. The rest unravels from there. (Main article: The Musings of a Wandering Blacksmith)


Choose Your Fighter! World: Cibna Village (U23 Overworld)


  • Boomerang (Smelting Hammer)
  • Silver LEGO Blowup
  • Bow Snipe (Zarrus Bow)
    • Target
  • Intelligence Access
  • Rune Translation
  • Melt Ice
  • Super Strength
    • Super Strength Handles
    • Fistlock
  • Emerald LEGO Blowup
  • Sketchian Combo-Combat


I must head home. I have run out of coals for my furnace.
— Zarrus's first line when leaving the game
Where are the emerald deposits? Certainly not here.
— Zarrus's second line when leaving the game
I must leave quickly! See you all whenever.
— Zarrus's third line when leaving the game
An Emeraldine never fears for the heat of battle!
— Zarrus when in combat
This is not fit for a blacksmith to use.
— Zarrus when unable to solve a puzzle
I can handle this. This is too easy for me!
— Zarrus when able to solve a puzzle
It's not a chunk of emerald, but it still looks valuable. I'll hold on to it.
— Zarrus when obtaining a collectible
The job of a blacksmith is a bumpy road.
— Zarrus when idle
Is this what flying feels like? Because I don't like it!
— Zarrus's first line when in the rift
How fast IS this thing?
— Zarrus's second line when in the rift
Time for some serious blacksmithing!
— Zarrus's first line when upgrading
A bit of an emerald touchup should help.
— Zarrus's second line when upgrading
I am still alive!
— Zarrus when respawning
Double the Zarrus, double the fun!
— Zarrus to Zarrus
Might I sharpen one of your swords, Cybern?
— Zarrus to Cybern
Hekama! How are you faring on this fine day?
— Zarrus to Hekama
Blurri, my friend. How's things?
— Zarrus to Blurri

Miscellaneous Actions

Entrance and Exit

  • Zarrus jumps out, slamming a hammer to the ground.
  • Zarrus secures his backpack and rolls into the portal.

Idle Animations

  • Zarrus takes off his backpack and checks the furnace, then puts it back on.
  • Zarrus juggles several smelting hammers before one hits him on the head.

Finishing Moves

  • Zarrus throws several smelting hammers into the air and watches as they fall down onto his opponent.
  • Zarrus smacks his opponent with his backpack, destroying them.


  • Zarrus's Toy Tag is based on his armor and backpack.
  • Zarrus himself is an antithetical counterpart to Strongarm. He's more of a goofball in personality, countering Strongarm's stoic personality.
    • Strongarm and Zarrus are rivals in the comic, and they form friendships with the other team's female character. (Strongarm and Hekama, Zarrus and Blurri) These are hinted in their reactions to them.
  • Zarrus is one of the three Choose Your Fighter! characters to originate from Cybern Quest.
    • He is the only one of the Fighters from his universe to not have a mission in the World of Sketch.


Zarrus Toy Tag

Zarrus's Toy Tag