Zakonu's Time Machine   Maktronium Missile Launcher   Chronokinetic Walker    
Zakonu's Time Machine
Zakonu's Time Machine
Zakonu's Time Machine
Owner Zakonu


Abilities Flight

Flight Dock

Cargo Hook

Time Travel

Set Zakonu Fun Pack
— Zakonu's Time Machine when being piloted by anyone
Zakonu's Time Machine is a Choose Your Fighter! vehicle in LEGO Dimensions. It is Zakonu and Hartschia's personal vehicle and is included in the Zakonu Fun Pack.


Zakonu designed this vehicle in the distant future, using the vehicle he ended up sending into the past to start a time-loop. The vehicle is outfitted with Maktronium, a rare crystalline resource that can "timebend" when exposed to electricity. As such, it can use this timebending to travel through time to any destination, so long as its user hasn't traveled there already.

The vehicle is also equipped with a voice processor, a set of hover jets, and Maktronium "paradox missiles" which can destroy anyone unless they have Maktronium to absorb it.


  • Flight
    • Flight Dock
    • Cargo Hook
  • Time Travel
    • Back to the Future
    • TARDIS Travel
  • Special Attack (Paradox Missile)


  • This is the only vehicle to have both the Back to the Future and TARDIS Travel abilities, however the game never specifically says that it has those. The player must find it out for themselves.

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