Yellow Submarine is a level in LEGO Dimensions, and is playable upon purchase of the Yellow Submarine Level Pack.


Rule Breaker

  • 132,230 Studs

Citizen in Peril

  • Lord Mayor

Abilities Needed for 100% Completion

  • Silver LEGO Blowup Ability
  • Hazard Cleaning Ability
  • Super Strength Ability
  • Force Ability
  • Droid Build Ability
  • LEGO Constructs Ability
  • Diffindo Ability
  • Band Station Ability
  • Mine Block Ability
  • Sword Duel Ability


  • Yellow Submarine

Differences from the Orginal Film

  • Paul collects his "Mates" Instead of Ringo.
  • The player must drive to The Pier.


  • This level is based on the Yellow Submarine movie.

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