Character information
Name X-PO
Franchise LEGO Dimensions
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Keystone Device
Occupation Assistant
Residence Vorton
"Hey, I think I might have been here before"

- X-PO's first line when entering the game

"Oh this place, man you have got to try the coffee here"

- X-PO's second line when entering the game

"Man, why does my job always have me traveling"

- X-PO's third line when entering the game


  • Flight
  • Boomerang (Coffee Cup)
  • Intelligence
  • Hacking
  • Vorton Computer


"Hey, yeah I'm gonna go now" - X-PO's first line when exiting the game

"Places to be, parties to crash you get the deal" - X-PO's second line when exiting the game

"Oops forgot my coffee" - X-PO's third line when exiting the game

"Yeah, nope, can't do that" - X-PO when encountering an object he can't use

"Ooh a puzzle, these are always the best" - X-PO when encountering a puzzle

"Great" - X-PO when solving a puzzle

"Cool, a shiny thing" - X-PO when collecting a collectible

"Got tons of these" - X-PO when collecting studs

"Hey Batman, Wyldstyle, Gandalf" - X-PO when Wyldstyle, Batman, and Gandalf are also in game

"I've never met you... how do you know me?" - To AnthonyM


  • X-PO is the first character in LEGO Dimensions to come directly from LEGO Dimensions
  • X-PO is the first character to have his box come with his Toy Tag, Gadget and instructions, because the starter pack comes with the character

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