Owner Dead Slender
Abilities *Playable Character
Set Venture Team Pack
Wyvern Wyverninja Speedern

Wyverninja is a Venture vehicle.


Wyverninja is one of the Void Monsters unleashed onto Planet Venture in Venture: Bounty. Wyverninjas are dragons that wear black capes and throw Chakrams at enemies, but will trade their Deathstars for any battle axe. They will attack other Wyverninjas and Buccaneers, and will protect any Master, unless either of them are provoked. They kill all violent monsters, CCTV, and bots. They have a variety of longrange attacks, such as throwing their ninja stars or teleporting. They also slice and impale enemies with their shurikens when in close range.


  • Playable Character
  • Vine Cut (Samurai Swords)
  • Laser (Wyve Poison)
  • Ichor (Wyve)


  • Designed by DestinyIntwined.
  • Like Niffler and Swooping Evil, Wyverninja is treated as a character

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