Owner Dead Slender
Abilities *Playable Character
  • Flight
  • Flight Dock
  • Target
  • Ichor
Set Venture Team Pack
Wyvern Wyverninja Speedern

Wyvern is a Venture vehicle in the Venture Team Pack.


Wyvern is the final boss of Venture. Wyvern flies over the Wyve, and gets more health from the Wyve crystals on towering columns in the Wyve, which must be destroyed to stop the Wyvern from regenerating health.


  • Playable Character
  • Flight
  • Flight Dock
  • Target (Wyve Acid)
  • Ichor (Wyve Acid)


  • Like Niffler and Swooping Evil, Wyvern is treated as a character.
  • He is based on the Ender Dragon from Minecraft and Gobblegut from Super Mario.

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