We Are The Crystal Gems is a playable Steven Universe level in LEGO Dimensions that can be accessed upon purchase on the Steven Universe Level Pack.


Section 1:Intro

In the opening cutscene, the normal theme song, "We Are The Crystal Gems" is played in LEGO form like Adventure Time. After the cutscene, Steven must go inside his house to activate the warp pad. There is a deflection puzzle. Using Steven's deflection ability to must direct the laser to hit a chest. When breaking the chest, Steven will build the parts that came out of the chest into a Boomerang Switch. Steven must use his shield projectile in order to hit the switch and open the door. When inside Steven's house, you must defeat other deflection puzzle. You must use the laser to hit 3 laser switches. Once hitting all of them, a bunch of parts will appear nearby. Steven will build the Warp Pad out of them. Use Steven to warp himself to the next section where the actual level begins.

Section 2:The Giant Hand

In the cutscene, a LEGO version of the Steven Universe episode title card is shown saying, "We Are The Crystal Gems", Steven and his father Greg get some bits at the Beach Beachwalk Fries shack and Greg tells Steven if all of the Crystal Gem's adventures are too much for him. Suddently, a giant hand ship known as the "Gem Warship" is shown in the sky. The Crystal Gems are aware about this problem and to protect the city, Steven calls Mayor Dewey in order to evacuate the citizens. Suddenly, Steven notices that Greg wants Steven to evacuate with him. The player is now promoted to build Greg's Mr. Universe Van. You must drive around Beach City to get to get to the highway. There is a oil truck blocking the way. Use the Tow Bar Ability in order to knock the truck out of the way. Next, there is a area filled with toxic goo and there is another Tow Bar Wall right next to it. Use the Tow Bar Ability to reveal building parts that was hidden behind it. Rebuild it into a ramp and dash over it. After doing that will lead to a cutscene of Steven and Greg talking about how the Gems are affecting the town. Steven decides that he wants to help the Gems and goes back to Beach City in order to help. The player is now promoted to build Lion. Your goal is to get back to Beach City help out the Crystal Gems. Steven must use Lion's Silver LEGO Blowup Ability to get past some boulders that is blocking his way. After that, a boulder wall is blocking their way. Steven must use Lion's Silver LEGO Blowup Ability to destroy some Silver LEGO parts on the ground. Steven will make those parts into a boost pad and Lion will charge and break the boulder wall. Finally, you must break some Silver LEGO parts and build them into a boost pad again. After that before using Lion's Warp Ability to must use Lion's Silver LEGO Blowup Ability to blast some stones and create a satellite for Steven to call Connie. Connie doesn't answer. Charge up Lion's Warp Ability to go into the next cutscene. In the next cutscene, Steven and Lion come to help the Crystal Gems. The Gem Warship comes down and Lapis, Peridot, and Jasper are revealed. Peridot controls the ship to shoot a laser at the Gems and Steven defends the Gems by bringing out his shield. Jasper mistakens Steven for his mother, Rose because he used her shield. Jasper knocks out Amythest and Pearl and destabilizied Garnet's form. Jasper then picks up Steven and knocks him out dead cold.

Section 3:I'm Stronger Than You

The cutscene from Section 2 continues as Steven awakens some time in a cell in the Gem Warship. Steven escapes from his cell using his half gem powers. Steven finds a gem named Ruby and becomes allies with her. Ruby needs to reunited with Sapphire and Steven wants to help her. There are sericuty cameras around the section after the cutscene. Use Steven's Boomerang Ability in order to take out the 3 sercuity cameras. Steven will build them into a Accelerator Switch. Use Greg's Van in order to power it up to reveal a deflection puzzle. Use Steven's shield in order to deflect the lasers to hit the laser switches to reveal the exit to the next room. In another room you find Lapis but she doesn't want to be helped because she doesn't want to cause more trouble. There is Sliver LEGO pieces in the room. Use Lion to blast them and rebuild them in order to climb your way over on the top part of the stairs. There is a box of parts far away. Use Steven's Glide Ability in order to glide your away to them and push it off. Steven will build those parts into a ramp. Use Greg's Van in order to break your way to the next part. Steven will find Sapphire in the next room ano free her. Now Steven must help Sapphire find Ruby now. There is a Robonoid guarding the room and the player can't eneter that area. Steven must use his Mind Control Ability to control the Robonoid and press the button to open the gate to the next area. It will lead to a cutscene that Steven will find Ruby. Ruby and Sapphire are reunited and fuse into Garnet. Steven finds Ametheyt and Pearl and resuces them. Steven, Amethyst and Pearl find Peridot and her control room and have to battle her. Peridot will send out Robonoids and Cluster Gems. The first time, Peridot will use for tractor beam to hurl metal objects at the player. The player can dodge it by using Steven's Magic Shield Ability. The second time, she will shoot blasters at the player. The third time, she will walk on walls and rapid fire. Every time you survive her attacks, she will helipilot cross the room. You must use Steven's Boomerang Ability to hit her. Once you hit her 3 times And defeat her, Steven will see Garnet and Jasper fighting on a set high monitor and the player is now in control of Garnet. The Jasper boss battle is similar to the Bane boss battle in "The Final Dimension". The player as Garnet must trick Jasper into ramming herself into energy sources. Then the player must hit Jasper a few amount of times. Jasper will also send out Cluster Gems and Robonoids. Then, after beating her 3 times, you must throw her into the main energy source. A cutscene will appear after doing that as Garnet meets up with the other Gems in the control room and Peridot manages to escape with a escape pod.

Section 4:The Wrath Of Malachite

After that cutscene, the player is in control of Steven again. Steven uses his bubble in order to the Gems from dying in the explosion. Lion finds that Steven and the Crystal Gems are in the bubble and releases them out. Jasper then comes and survives the crash doesn't give up on destroying Steven and the Gems. She looks for someone to fuse with and asks Lapis to fuse with her. After remembering that the Gems imprisoned her in a mirro, Lapis and Jasper fuse into the unstable fusion Malachite. Malachite will throw giant boulders at you. Use Steven's Magic Shield Ability in order to protect yourself from them. Malachite will send out Corrupted Gems and Centipeedles. Malachite will also use her water clone hands to crush the player. Malachite will also slam and slide her hands around to hit you. Malachite will sometimes drop some pieces of Silver LEGO parts when throwing boulders at you. Use Lion's Silver LEGO Blowup Ability to blow up the pieces. Then Steven will build them into a ramp. Use Greg's Van in order to hit Malachite. After hiting Malachite 3 times, a cutscene will appear after Steven defeats Malachite. Lapis will use her water abilities to drag Jasper and herself as Malachite down into the ocean to trap Jasper and protect the Gems. The level ends with Connie finally reciving Steven's message but Steven doesn't say a word. The traditional ending sequence with the star in every Steven Universe episode is used as the level ends.

Citizen In Peril

  • Centipeedle (In Part 3,he is trapped on the ship in one of the gates. There is a vent right next to his cell. You need a character with the Vent Access Ability in order to access a area. The player must find 5 boxes in the Vent and must destroy them all and turn it into a wire to connect it with a button. Press the button to disable the cell gates and to free him)

Rule Breaker

  • 250,000 Studs

Abilities Need To Complete The Level 100%

  • Vent Access Ability (Citizen In Peril)



  • Meat Beat Mania Game (When collecting all 10 Cookie Cats)

Home Menu Animation

  • Steven Universe
  • Steven trips out of the portal with his Cheeseburger Backpack. He then gets up gets his backpack and summons his shield and goes back in the portal.


So Who Wants To Go Out For Pizzas?

  • Complete "We Are The Crystal Gems"

Into The Burger You Go

  • Collect any Minikit within the "We Are The Crystal Gems" level.

All I Wanna Do Is Break The Rules

  • Achieve the "Rule Breaker" stud goal in the "We Are The Crystal Gems" level.

Secret Area

Gem Battlefield

  • In Section 2,

Keystones Used

  • TBA


  • This level is based on 2 Steven Universe episodes, "The Return" and "Jailbreak".
  • This level allows you to play as Garnet for a short amount of time during Section 3.
  • The music at the end of the level is a instrumental version of the theme song, "We Are The Crystal Gems".
  • Some Year 1 and Year 2 characters make cameos in this level.