Warriors of Holden: Dawn of Vexx is a franchise in LEGO Dimensions.


Two kingdoms, the Wikians and the Discordians, fight for a mystical relic, The Legendary Mouse of Pure Awesome. Who ever holds it controls the very fabric of space, time, and the whole internet. A new user arrives in the scene and a big threat arrives. The new user now has to join forces with other users to stop the evil force of Vexx, a evil mystical digital spirit, from making his own kingdom and recruiting new dangerous enemies and villians from stopping the new user on his quest for glory, fame, and totally... like obviously, a lot of epicenes...


BATTLE ARENA: Vexx's Secret Fortress




The Destiny Of A True User

  • Complete The Lost Adventure

Collector's Orders

  • Collect any Minikit within the "The Lost Adventure" level

We're Gonna Be Rich

  • Achieve the "Rule Breaker" stud goal in the "The Lost Adventure" level


  • That awful logo will be used until I create a better logo.

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