Penelope Victoria "Penny" Zhesmia
LEGO Waitress Penny
Character information
Name Penelope Victoria "Penny" Zhesmia
Gender Female
Franchise AnthonyM and the World of Sketch
Weapons/Accessories Abnormally Large Pan, Spillfree Trays
Vehicles and/or Gadgets N/A
Occupation Waitress at Penciltown Diner
Residence Penny's Apartment Home (U23)
Excuse me, kind stranger. Could I bother you with a favor?
— Waitress Penny when she has a quest for the player
Waitress Penny is an AnthonyM and the World of Sketch NPC in LEGO Dimensions.


Penny grew up as a very talented young woman who excelled in rollerskating, balancing, gymanstics, and culinary arts. She was seeking a normal job to get some Coins in hopes of buying a home for herself. To do this, she got a job at the Penciltown Diner. She took this job with a smile, hoping to meet some great customers. Eventually, she met one customer that would become her eventual crush; AnthonyM. Having heard about his status of Guardian, she admired him and would always welcome him to the diner any chance she got. The two would become great friends, and eventually combat buddies.


  • Diner Dilemma

Penny's colleagues have gone missing. Help her by finding them and punishing the Darklanders who captured them!

  • One Pan Down

Uh-oh. Penny's lost her Abnormally Large Pan! Help her track it down so she can get back at the fellows who made a mess in the diner's kitchen!


So, here's my struggles... many of the waiters and waitresses have gotten lost on the way to the Penciltown Diner. I fear that some Darklanders may have kidnapped them. Can you look around and find them?
— Penny when briefing the player for Diner Dilemma
You found the waiters? Great! Now we can open the place up and serve some hungry customers! The manager gave this to me as pay yesterday, but what am I going to do with it? I think you deserve it more than I do.
— Penny after the player has completed Diner Dilemma
Thanks for aiding me AGAIN, stranger! I've lost my Abnormally Large Pan and I need some help finding it! Can you help me by looking for it? I'll give you another one of those valuable items.
— Penny when briefing the player for One Pan Down
MY PAN! You found it! Now I can punish those Darklanders who ravaged the kitchen. But before I do that, how's about that item I promised? Here; take it! If you'll excuse me, I have some no-gooders to pan.
— Penny after the player has completed One Pan Down


  • Penny has two outfits, and her alternate outfit is themed around ice cream.
  • Penny is the only NPC that isn't a character from the Choose Your Fighter! comic strip.

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