Vincent Ernest
Character information
Name Vincent Ernest
Gender Male
Franchise Morphers
Occupation Student
Residence Mountain City
Hey! I found a Morpher Wheel! But, now I lost it teleporting...
— Vincent's first line when entering the game
Radical amusement! Radical amusement!
— Vincent's second line when entering the game
— Vincent's third line when entering the game
Vincent is a Morphers character in LEGO Dimensions.


  • Electricity
  • Morph
  • Temporary Indestructability (Static Cling: Vincent forces every enemy to attack him while timeless)


Yeah! We are preparing for the annual Ernest danzzzzzzzzzze party! AHAHAHA!
— Vincent's first line when leaving the game
Yeah! But this one is the WRONG COLOR!
— Vincent's second line when leaving the game
LISTEN UP! It seems that Zak here has eaten all of the sandwiches, and RUINED THE MORPHER FESTIVAL!
— Vincent's third line when entering the game
— Vincent's line when idle


  • Electricity

Idle Animations

  • Vincent laughs and electrocutes himself.
  • Vincent tans on the ground.

Finishing Moves

  • Electricity Bolt: Vincent calls down a lightning bolt to kill the enemy.
  • Beam Blast: Vincent shoots a continous beam of lightning, killing the enemy.


  • He is portrayed by Jamie Dornan, who reprises his role in the game.

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