Venture Halloween Story Pack
Venture Halloween Story Pack
Set Number 384920
Minifigs Armored Robert
Number of Pieces 150
Price (USD) $49.99
VIP Points Earned 49
Previous Set Venture Legendary Character Pack
Next Set TBA
Venture Halloween Story Pack is a Venture Halloween Story Pack in LEGO Dimensions.


Vehicles Description

Armored Robert is a man. He imbibes potation and wagers. He additionally acts worse than several super reprobates, worse than the Mandarin or Luthor. But he bulwarks the Dlabs from Cannibals. Babirusa.

Babirusa are prevalent passive creatures. Babirusa turn into ham when killed. They victual anything, including each other, but not streak o lean. They forfend farrow. They become alarmed from visually perceiving ham and streak bacon.

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  • This is the first Story Pack based on an R-rated film.
  • This is currently the shortest Story Pack, at only four levels.