Undertale is one of the many franchises of LEGO Dimensions.

Related Characters/Objects

Customs by DestinyIntwined

Customs by Andrei Moldovan

  • Undertale Story Pack
    • Frisk
      • Underground Entrance
      • Skeleton Car
  • Asriel Dreemurr Fun Pack
    • Asriel Dreemurr
      • Photoshop Flowey Car
  • Chara Fun Pack
    • Chara
      • Knives Launcher
  • Undertale Team Pack
    • Sans
      • Speedy Bicycle
    • Papyrus
      • Red Race Car

Customs by Creepa-Bot Inc.

  • Frisk Polybag
    • Frisk
  • Sans and Papyrus Team Pack
    • Sans
      • Gaster Blaster
    • Papyrus
      • Papyrus' New Car


Customs by Tonipelimies

  • A Determined Search



  • Underground
    • Ruins
      • Flower Bed
      • Toriel's House
        • Don't Ruin the Pie (Quest from Toriel)
    • Snowdin
      • Puzzle Pathway
        • Puzzles for Days (Quest from Papyrus)
      • Center of Snowdin
        • A Battle Bearing No Arms! (Quest from Monster Kid)
      • Sans' and Papyrus' House
      • Grilby's (Restoration) 20,000 Studs
    • Waterfall
      • Undyne's House
      • Dump (Restoration) 10,000 Studs
        • Dummy Family Reunion (Quest from Mad Dummy)
      • Napstablook's House
      • Napstablook Snail Farm
      • Temmie Village
        • Tem Shop
          • tEm's GrAd sKoOl mUNs (Quest from Shop Owner Temmie)
    • Hotland
      • Alphys' Lab
        • True Lab
          • Determination Extraction Machine (Restoration) 30,000 Studs
      • Muffet's Lair
      • MTT Resort
        • Racing with a Killer Robot (Quest from Mettaton EX)
      • Spider Bake Sale (Restoration) 25,000 Studs
      • Opera Stage
        • Spooky Mixtapes (Quest from Napstablook)
    • Core
      • The Core of the Problem (Quest from Alphys)
    • New Home
      • The Castle
        • A Perfect day for Gardening (Quest from King Asgore)
      • SOUL Coffins (Restoration) 25,000 Studs

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