Turnabout Samurai is a LEGO Dimensions level from the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney franchise, it is playable when you buy the Phoenix Wright Story Pack.


Citizen in Peril

  • Cody Hackins

He is found on a Steel Samurai balloon and a character with the grapple ability is needed to bring him down.

Rule Breaker

  • 60,000

Abilities Needed for Completion

Minikits and Citizen in Peril

  • Grapple
  • Stealth
  • Scrap Metal Build
  • Fix It
  • Rainbow LEGO Bricks
  • Target
  • Intelligence
  • Spirit Channeling
  • Tracking
  • Melt Ice
  • Fantastical Breifcase

Normal Playthrough

  • Examination
  • Intelligence
  • Objection
  • Court Case
  • Evidence
  • Character Changing (Maya Fey)
  • Spirit Channeling

Section 1 - The Steel Samurai

Wright and Maya both start in the Wright Anything Agency and once leaping into the portal they get taken to the Detention Center, to talk with Will Powers.

When taken to the detention center talk with Will to get the information on the case, you're then taken to the over world where you're directed to Global Studios. Investigate around the place to find some clues such as the picture about who Wendy Oldbag saw, and that there was a staff meeting going on in the Studio 2 trailer. After that you are free to keep exploring or continue on to Section 2.

100% Completion

Detention Center

  • Channeling Strength

Using a character with the Spirit Channeling ability to channel the spirit of a strongman which changes the character's shape to one of a bigfig and that character gains the Super Strength ability. Use this ability to break open a wall to reveal a Minikit.

  • Intelligence

Using a character with the Intelligence ability to use an Intelligence Port to open a wall that reveals a Minikit.

Global Studios - Main Gate

  • Targets on a Gate

Using a character with the Target ability shoot the 5 Targets around the Main Gate, doing this will open the Security Booth door revealing a Minikit.

Global Studios - Employee Area

  • Rainbow Couch

Using a character with the Rainbow LEGO Brick to destroy a Rainbow LEGO couch rebuild it into a chest, open it to reveal a Minikit.

Global Studios - Dressing Room

  • Stealth

Use a character with the Stealth ability to sneak around a camera to press a button opening a closet that reveals a Minikit

Global Studios - Studio One

  • Lights, Camera, Build!

Using the Scrap Metal Build ability to rebuild a camera and a spotlight to get the minikit.

Global Studios - Studio Two - Trailer

  • Citizen in Peril

Cody Hackins is found on a Steel Samurai balloon and a character with the Grapple ability is needed to bring him down.

Section 2 - The Court

At the court Phoenix and Maya talk to Will Powers before the case and find out about the relationship between the victim of murder, Jack Hammer, and his boss, Dee Vasquez. Wright and Maya go into the court room ready to defend Will and win. Using a character/object with the Court Case ability and taking care of the Fault Statements and Contradictions Dee congratulates Wright on defeating her.

District Court - Courtroom

  • Breaking the Ice

Around the courtroom there are chunks of ice holding pieces of the minikit. Using the Melt Ice ability to melt the ice build the minikit and then get it.

  • On the case

Using the Fantastical Beasts ability go into Newt's case then use the Tracking ability to find the minikit in the case.

  • Grappling with the Scale

Going to the top of the Judge's stand use grapple on the scale sign behind the judge. This makes the minikit pop out of the wall.

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