Torture Chamber is a Venture location in LEGO Dimensions.


The Torture Chamber is located in the Grotto, and depicts a dungeon used for torment and assault towards prisoners. Inside, there is weaponry such as spears, swords, and fire being used, as well as remains of individuals. A Creature Creator with a micro cannibal inside is also in, which spawns Cannibals onto the stone floor. There is also a treasure chest full of barley stalks and scarlet rock, as well as a few torches. Gold ore is also littered around the area, as does moss on the cobblestones. There is also a pool of magma, with a macroscopic island housing an acrogens.

Venture Cinematic Universe

Torture Chambers are rooms and cells in which criminals are held underground. Torture Chambers are generally associated with medieval bases, though their association with execution belongs to the Renaissance period.


Image created by Vlad Andrei of MOC Pages, not linked due to gore.

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