Thorin Oakenshield
Character information
Name Thorin Oakenshield
Gender Male
Franchise The Hobbit
Weapons/Accessories Orcrist


Vehicles and/or Gadgets Lake-town Boat
Occupation Leader of the Dwarven Company
Residence Erebor
They say this quest is ours and ours alone.
— Thorin Oakenshield's First Line when entering the game
I know these walls. These halls. This stone.
— Thorin Oakenshield's Second Line when entering the game
Will you follow me, one last time?
— Thorin Oakenshield's Third Line when entering the game
Thorin Oakenshield is one of the Team Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in The Hobbit Team Pack, for The Hobbit franchise.





  • Thorin Oakenshield is voiced by Richard Armitage in the movies. He is voiced using archive audio in the game.

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