The Three Stooges 
The three stooges
is one of the many franchises in LEGO Dimensions.

Related Characters/Objects

Customs by Noah888

Main Pack

  • Moe Howard
  • Larry Fine
  • Curly Howard
  • Shemp Howard
  • Joe Besser
  • Curly Joe DeRita

Additional Packs

  • I'll Moider You!
    • Hammer
    • Scissors
    • Crowbar
    • Broom Handle
    • Pickaxe
    • Spear
  • Extra Stooges
    • Ted Healy
    • Vernon Dent
    • Bud Jamison
    • Fred Kelsey
    • Kenneth MacDonald
    • Emil Sitka
    • Cy Schindell

Related Characters/Objects (Movie)


Customs by SmashupMashups

Story Pack

  • Moe
    • Skateboard-Poodle-Sleigh

Team Pack

  • Larry
    • '30's Luxury Imperial
  • Curly
    • Pie-Thrower

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