The Problem with Time Travel is a quest found in the SpongeBob SquarePants Adventure World given by Plankton.


Upon Approaching

"Hey! Down here! I'm talking to you! Oh, what's the use..." - Plankton upon approaching him

Start of the Quest

"The name's Sheldon J. Plankton, but you may call me Plankton for short. Anyway, I was in the middle of repairing my time machine after some starfish in green shorts decided to use it and brought back a dinosaur that looked like that clarinet player Squidward! I built some time travel pads which have a custom setting which instantly set where the pad will take you back in time, but...

...Yes, they exploded upon testing, and now I don't know how to fix them! AARGH! FOILED AGAIN!! happen to know how to fix them? You'll need a special kind of experience to fix the time travel pads and put them up and running again. I'll give you a grand reward if you can fix them!" - Plankton at the Start of the Quest

End of the Quest

"You fixed them! Thank you so much. Hey Karen, look! Someone fixed my new time travel pads! Isn't it great!?"
"You're not going to use them to steal that formula again, are you, Plankton? Because if you are..."
"Oh, pipe down, honey. Anyway, thanks again for fixing the time travel pads. You may now use them anywhere in Bikini Bottom to use my new and improved time machine! You can use your reward to upgrade my time machine if you'd like, while I get to work getting this baby up and running again. MWAHAHAHAHA!" - Plankton and Karen upon quest completion


Fix Plankton's time machine pads using the Fix-It ability.

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