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The LEGO DTCG Movie is one of the many franchises in LEGO Dimensions.


Similar to The GameTime Movie, accept a strange evil entity known as The Darkness is threatening to take over Damien The Comment Guy's most favorite wiki: the LEGO Dimensions Customs Community, In order to stop the darkness, he must enlist the help of other users From other wikis.


Customs by Damien The Comment Guy

Story Pack Levels

  • Under Construction
  • The Great Darkness Escape
  • The Search For The Users
  • Airfield Chase
  • Mission: Possible
  • The Final Showdown


  • The Darkness ♥s Potato Knishes
    • Complete the story pack with Zooker
  • Mission: IM-Possible
    • Complete the level Mission: Possible with Ethan Hunt
  • The Final Countdown
    • Complete The Final Showdown, Along With The Final Showdown (TLBM) & The Final Showdown (Ghostbusters 2016)
  • Fighting Blackfire With Blackfire
    • Complete The Final Showdown With The Darkness
  • Fashion Show
    • Use All Of Damien The Comment Guy's Shirts, or have Gamer kid on the pad in the adventure world

Adventure World

    • SMG4 Wiki
      • Rebuild the Episode Theater (80,000 Compliments (The currency in The LEGO DTCG Movie Adventure World/Story Pack)
    • LEGO Dimensions Customs Community
      • Custom Showroom/Gateway Build
      • Idea Machine Room (Restore the "Idea Machine" (70,000 Compliments)
    • Sonic News Network
      • SNN
    • Community Central
      • Hall O' Wikis
      • FANDOM Help Center (Jukebox = 700,000 Compliments)
      • The Wiki Factory
    • Portal Wiki
      • Aperture Industries (restore the Very Super Secret Darkness Lair Catapult = 75,000 Compliments)
    • Da- (im pretty sure you can guess)
    • Midway Arcade Wiki(?)
      • Midway Arcadefobox
      • Marble_Madness?action=edit

Health Bar

LEGO DTCG Movie Health Bar
  • Normal: The frame is an infobox and the hearts are the LEGO movie one's but green, and the half heart has a bandage on it.
  • For The Darkness: The frame is a fandom symbol that is half broken and the hearts are the darkness in a heart form (as well as the half heart).

Red Brick

That's So Nice of You! (700,000)

Replaces any Currency with Compliments Currency