The LEGO DTCG Movie Is one of the many franchises in LEGO Dimensions
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similar to The GameTime Movie, accept a strange evil entity known as The Darkness is threatening to take over Damien The Comment Guy's most fav. wiki: the LEGO Dimensions Customs Community, In order to stop the darkness, he must enlist the help of other users From other wikis


Customs by Damien The Comment Guy

Customs/Made packs by ???

Story Pack Levels

  • Under Construction
  • The Great Darkness Escape
  • The Search For The Users
  • Airfield Chase
  • Mission: Possible
  • The Final Showdown


The Darkness ♥s Potato Knishes

complete the story pack with Zooker

Mission: IM-Possible

complete the level Mission: Possible with Ethan Hunt

The Final Countdown

Complete The Final Showdown, Along With The Final Showdown (TLBM) & The Final Showdown (Ghostbusters 2016)

Fighting Blackfire With Blackfire

Complete The Final Showdown With The Darkness

Fashion Show

Use All Of Damien The Comment Guy's Shirts

Adventure World

    • SMG4 Wiki
      • Episode Theater
    • LEGO Dimensions Customs Community
      • Custom Showroom
      • Idea Machine Room
    • Sonic News Network
      • News Room
    • Community Central
      • Hall O' Wikis
      • FANDOM Help Center
      • The Wiki Factory

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