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The GameTime Movie is one of the franchises featured in LEGO Dimensions.


After his life turns for the worse, GameTime leaves his (real) world behind and sets off in the internet world to find a home(page). He then becomes hated and judged for his quirks and personality. Determined to find where he belongs, GameTime meets new crazy and obscure characters and customs in the world of Wikia which with their own talents and special abilities who help him find his place but after unleashing a great evil, the fate of the digital world lies into the hands of GameTime must travel to find the one true artifact to save his friends and travel beyond Wikia before the Webiverse gets destroyed! On his adventure, GameTime learns about the internet's past and future while he must make a choice: to save his real world reputation or save all of the internet before it is deleted forever.


Packs made by RealGameTime

The GameTime Movie Story Pack

KEYSTONE: Point Keystone

RACE TRACK: Discord Derby

The GameTime Movie Fun Pack

RACE TRACK: Rabbi.t Raceway


The GameTime Movie Story Pack

  • Another Day Through Dimensions
  • Community Central Crashing
  • Under Customstruction
  • Fight Of The Net
  • The Phantom Kingdom
  • One Wiki To Rule Them All

Adventure World

  • TBA


The King Phantom Menace

  • Complete all of the levels in The GameTime Movie Story Pack

Time To Step Up Your Game

Break The Rules! Not On The Wiki Though

  • Achieve the "Rule Breaker" stud goal in any The GameTime Movie Story Pack level

Home Menu Animation


  • Complete all of The GameTime Movie Story Pack levels


  • Badge

Minikit Events

Year 3 Story Mode

  • TBA

The GameTime Movie Story Pack

  • Internet Source Library
  • Fandom Labs
  • Badge Museum
  • The Hacker's Kingdom
  • Chat Café
  • Fandom Headquarters


  • TBA

Locate Keystone Rift Items

  • TBA

Red Brick

  • Hacker's Might (Gives the game a glitchy that screen effect.)


  • TBA

Keystones Used

Each Keystone is used in every level in The GameTime Movie Story Pack.

  • Point Keystone (The GameTime Movie)
  • Shift Keystone
  • Chroma Keystone
  • Elemental Keystone
  • Scale Keystone
  • Locate Keystone


  • Each level will be as long as Mission: Impossible, the longest level in the LEGO Dimensions game.
  • The Adventure World will be a combination of a bunch of sites GameTime and his gang travel to in the movie.
  • The movie has received many changes and this info about the movie is not final.