The GameTime Movie is one of the franchises featured in LEGO Dimensions.


GameTime needs to embark on a epic journey to find the Golden Keyboard, a spirit that keeps every wiki active and alive before the dark forces of King Phantom and his army of Phantom monsters and creatures take over and destroy the Wikiverse. On his adventure, new friends will join him and a even bigger threat approaches.


Packs made by RealGameTime

The GameTime Movie Story Pack

  • GameTime
  • Road Rusher
    • Flaming Speedster
    • High Flying Jet
  • Fandom Community Central Gateway

BATTLE Arena: Wikia Town Center

The GameTime Movie Fun Pack

  • King Phantom
  • Dark Force Dragon
    • Mega Shadow Dragon
    • Terror Nightmare Dragon

BATTLE ARENA: Comment Arguemnt Stadium

LEGO Dimensions & GameTime Bundle (Limited Time)

  • Batman
  • Gandalf
  • Wyldstyle
  • LEGO Gateway
  • Batmobile
  • SlyFoxBandit
  • Wiki Command Base Kingdom Gateway
  • Road Rusher Car


The GameTime Movie Story Pack

  • Another Day Through Dimensions
  • Under Brickstruction
  • Demon Phantom Of The Opera
  • Game-Time To Get Frozen
  • The War Of Wikia
  • One Site To Rule Them All

Adventure World

  • LMMCU Wiki
  • LEGO Dimensions Wiki
  • Brickipedia
  • TDI Wiki
  • Fantendo
  • My Little Pony Wiki
  • LEGO Dimensions Customs Wiki
  • Minecraft: Story Mode Wiki
  • Community Central
  • Sketchian Multiverse Wiki

(Locations are coming soon)


The King Phantom Menace

  • Complete all of the levels in The GameTime Movie Story Pack

Time To Step Up Your Game

  • Complete a quest in The GameTime Movie Adventure World

Break The Rules! Not On The Wiki Though...

  • Achieve the "Rule Breaker" stud goal in any The GameTime Movie Story Pack level

Home Menu Animation


  • There is also another animation featuring GameTime.
  • Complete all of The GameTime Movie Story Pack levels


  • Portal Generator Battery

Minikit Events

  • Dimensions Portal Generator
  • Fandom Labs
  • Badge Museum
  • SlyFoxBandit's Lowrider
  • Staff Laser Cannon
  • King Phantom Resting Statue


  • The Trail That Leads Us (Given by Trail)
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Locate Keystone Rift Items

  • TBA

Red Brick

  • Hacker's Might (Gives the game a glitch effect and adds GT Movie music) (Also allows AnthonyM (The GameTime Movie) to be playable in any world or level.)


  • TBA

Keystones Used

Each Keystone is used in every level in The GameTime Movie Story Pack.

  • Time Keystone
  • Shift Keystone
  • Chroma Keystone
  • Elemental Keystone
  • Scale Keystone
  • Locate Keystone


  • This is a custom franchise made by RealGameTime. Anyone is free to make their own packs and levels.
  • When AnthonyM from AnthonyM and the World of Sketch is in The GameTime Movie Story Pack levels or Adventure World, he will turn into his GameTime Movie version of himself.
  • Three trailers of the movie are up on LMMCU Wiki. The movie is planned to be released in November while the levels will be released this summer.
  • Each level will be as long as Mission: Impossible, the longest level in the game.

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