LEGO Techo

LEGO Sunny Shot Techo

Character Information
Name Techo
Gender Male
Franchise AnthonyM and the World of Sketch
Weapons/Accessories Shock Staff
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Techo's Shooter Ship
Occupation M-Crew Technician
Residence East Sketchima Scrap Island (U23)
Zap zap!
— Techo's first line when entering the game
Time to bust some bolts!
— Techo's second line when entering the game
Need a mechanic? I got your back!
— Techo's third line when entering the game
Time to let loose a Sunny Shot!
— Sunny Shot Techo's unique entrance line
Techo is a Team Pack character for the AnthonyM and the World of Sketch franchise in LEGO Dimensions.



Techo never knew who he was in the past, as moving from the Idea Graveyard to the Scrap Island was a character-changing experience for him. Without memory of who he was or where he came from, he just started tinkering with scrapped gadgets and gizmos, making his own, including a Laser Rifle with infinite ammo, a backpack with extra arms, and a Shock Staff. He discovered a raw energy that only interacts with anything living and mechanical; Tekoa. This energy helped Techo overcome his fear of facing bad guys, as it could allow him to regenerate his own health or even power up his normally weak attacks. However, Tekoa could not be tapped into indefinitely. After meeting AnthonyM and Strongarm, he (alongside the others and his crush and eventual lover Blurri) went on to form the M-Crew. Not long after they all defeated Shadus for their first time had he and Blurri confessed their love to each other.

Sunny Shot Techo

After observing how sweltering summer heat affected most Sketchians, he started up a small treat cart called The Sunny Shot. With this, he'd serve up cold treats of all types, cooled with the use of an Ice Gem-powered machine. With this costume, Techo takes on a secondary element of Ice, making him a dual Ice/Electric type.

Techo's Stats

Techo sports the highest HP stat of the M-Crew, but has very low Defense. His decent Attack and Speed round him out to be a glass cannon. He's not the best character to fight head-on with, but he can pack a punch when he really gets his strong attacks going.

Dimensions Crisis

Techo's looking forward to traveling the many other worlds ahead of him, but shudders at the thought of facing Lord Vortech.


  • World of Sketch: East Sketchima Scrap Island (U23)


  • Acrobatics (double-jump)
  • Pole Vault
  • Technology
  • Hacking
  • Intelligence Access
  • Electricity (Shock Staff)
    • Charge Transfer
  • Fix-It (Backpack Arms)
  • Scrap Metal Build
  • Arcanus Summon (green)
  • Sketchian Combo-Combat


I gotta retreat. My sprockets are grinding a bit too much.
— Techo's first line when leaving the game
Hope you guys don't need too much of my help!
— Techo's second line when leaving the game
Techo, reporting to base!
— Techo's third line when leaving the game
I may be small, but I pack BIG firepower!
— Techo when in combat
Anyone have the tools to solve this? I don't...
— Techo when unable to solve a puzzle
This should be easy with my technological know-how!
— Techo when able to solve a puzzle
I'll keep this in my Valuables pocket!
— Techo when obtaining a collectible
Add the 7... carry the 1, subtract the 6....
— Techo when idle
Why did I forget my ship? I could have flown to the other side much faster!
— Techo's first line when in the rift
I hope we're not going somewhere dangerous!
— Techo's second line when in the rift
Time to charge up!
— Techo's first line when upgrading
And this is why I love being a mechanic!
— Techo's second line when upgrading
Watch out, everyone! This bolt strikes twice.
— Techo when respawning
Are you an admirer of mine? You seem to like me so much that you're wearing my outfit.
— Techo to Techo
Oh hey, AnthonyM! Long time no see.
— Techo to AnthonyM
Strongarm, buddy! How are you feelin'? Good? Good.
— Techo to Strongarm
This backdrop was definitely worth it... because you're here beside me. Heh heh... heh... was that too cheesy?
— Techo to Blurri
As much as I don't like your pranks, Shadus... you're a cool fellow.
— Techo to Shadus
What time is it? Shooter ship time!
— Techo when in his Shooter Ship
Now I can see why AnthonyM loves driving this!
— Techo when in Guardian-Cycle
I feel a bit scared to drive this thing... the tendrils don't look very welcoming.
— Techo when in Shadow Slicer
Do you have any spare Health Potions on you? Might need some for my next journey.
— Techo when seeing Plague Knight
Need anything fixed? I can help you out! Just say the word. I'm a good guy to call when you need repairs or rebuilds.
— Techo to Paisenuef or Firmra
Might I ask you... what in the heck's a mod?
— Techo to Albert Modnik
Well, you learn somethin' new every day...
— Techo in response to Albert Modnik

Special Variant

Sunny Shot Techo is packaged in a special Holiday Pack which includes all 5 AnthonyM characters. Each has a unique variant, and Techo's is themed around summer. His clothes are yellow and blue, to symbolize the sun and water.

Miscellaneous Actions

Entrance and Exit

  • Techo jumps out of the portal and twirls his staff.
  • Sunny Shot Techo jumps out of the portal, drinks a slushy, and then puts the rest of it away.
  • Techo polevaults into the portal with his staff, then waves to the camera as he falls in.

Idle Animations

  • Techo takes his goggles off and adjusts the straps, then puts them back on.
  • Techo grabs a little bit of Tekoa from the air with his staff. As it glows, Techo admires its blue light.
  • Sunny Shot Techo drinks a slushy, then puts the rest of it away.

Finishing Moves

  • Techo touches the prongs of his staff to his opponent, which electrocutes them.
  • Techo builds a turret, pilots it, and shoots the enemy, exploding the turret in the process.


  • Techo and ACU Trooper both wield staff weapons that conduct electricity.
    • Techo cannot light up things with his staff though.
  • If Techo was to be manufactured, he'd need to have a new light greenish-blue color or revive the discontinued teal color. His hair and pants are both aqua green.
  • Techo's Toy Tag features a mechanical look, with the addition of his shirt and hexagonal "T" logo.
  • Techo's interaction with Plague Knight is based around the fact that both characters can heal on the fly in their respective games.
    • Plague Knight uses Health Tonics, which can also increase his maximum health up to 10 segments.
  • Sunny Shot Techo's secondary element of Ice only affects his moves' element. It does not give him the Ice Blast ability.


Techo Toy Tag

Techo's Toy Tag

Sunny Shot Techo Toy Tag

Sunny Shot Techo's Toy Tag