Super Mario Logo
Super Mario is one of the many franchises of LEGO Dimensions. It is a Sub-Franchise of Nintendo.

Related Characters/Objects

Customs by Tonipelimies

  • Super Mario Level Pack
    • Mario
      • Mario Kart
        • Paratroopa Copter
        • Bowser Mech
      • Cannon Box
        • Propeller Box
        • Light Box

Customs by MilesRS777

  • Mario Mario
    • Yoshi
      • Dino Submarine
      • Yoshijet
    • Mario's kart
      • Mario's Jet
      • Mario's Tick Tock Bomb

Customs by Searingjet

Customs by Abram.boyd.5

  • Mario Level Pack


Customs by MilesRS777

  • Mario Multiverse!



  • Mushroom Kingdom
    • Princess Peach's Castle
      • Tatanga's Revenge (Quest from Daisy)
      • Toad Rescue Time (Quest from Toad)
      • Peach's Cake (Restoration) 30,000 Studs
      • Jukebox (Restortation) 15,000 Studs
    • DK Island
      • Donkey Kong's Treehouse
      • Guarding the Hoard (Quest from Donkey Kong)
      • Barrel Cannon Race (Quest from Diddy Kong)
      • Banana Hoard (Restoration) 20,000 Studs
    • Yoshi Island
      • Yoshi's House
      • Feed Me Some Cookies (Quest from Yoshi)
      • Baby Yoshi Egg (Restoration) 10,000 Studs
    • Luigi's Mansion
      • Boo Hunt (Quest from Luigi)
      • E. Gadd's Lab (Restoration) 25,000 Studs
    • Bob-omb Battlefield
      • Koopa Foot Race (Quest from Koopa the Quick)
      • Bob-omb Factory (Restoration) 20,000 Studs
    • Wario Land
      • Treasure Finding Race (Quest from Wario)
      • Mario Tennis Match (Quest from Waluigi)
  • Dark Land
    • Bowser's Castle
      • Princess in Another Castle (Quest from Peach)
      • Koopalings' Rooms
      • Bowser Jr.'s Room

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