General Strongarm

LEGO Strongarm

LEGO Candy-Coated Strongarm

Character Information
Name General Strongarm
Gender Male
Franchise AnthonyM and the World of Sketch
Weapons/Accessories Firesnap Sash

Giant Lollipop (variant accessory)

Vehicles and/or Gadgets Mobile Fist
Occupation Earthclad General
Residence Mt. Earthclad (U23)
Time to quake things up.
— Strongarm's first line when entering the game
Strongarm, at the ready.
— Strongarm's second line when entering the game
Need a guy to crush some baddies? I can help.
— Strongarm's third line when entering the game
Sweet towards friends, sour towards enemies. One sucker punch comin' up.
— Candy-Coated Strongarm's unique entrance line
Strongarm is a Team Pack character for the AnthonyM and the World of Sketch franchise.



Strongarm is the current general of the Earthclad tribe's army. Back when AnthonyM was first getting used to his new Guardian powers, Strongarm was the one to prevent a rock from crushing the gauntlet-wearing Guardian. Realizing AnthonyM was a Guardian, Strongarm decided he would assist his new friend around the area. After that, the two formed a friendship that was as unbreakable as the big guy himself.

Candy-Coated Strongarm

Strongarm wanted to try something out of the ordinary; decking himself in armor that's coated in chocolate and other candy. Many people seemed to laugh at his costume mainly because he chose strawberry and vanilla for the colors. This didn't really stop him from wearing the candy armor, and it's also resistant to melting in heat, allowing him to still use his Firesnap Sash. He'll commonly wear this costume around the time of Easter, so that the Easter Bunny doesn't have to work as hard.

Strongarm's Stats

Strongarm sports high Attack and Defense, and he can lock fists with many other giant characters, despite being naturally smaller than most of them. However, his Speed stat is extremely low.

Dimensions Crisis

Strongarm knows nothing of the Multiverse ahead of him, and he's ready to punch any baddies he comes across. If a player takes him to The Final Dimension, they might find out that Strongarm can lock fists with Bane and throw him into the silos, instead of just luring him into them.


  • World of Sketch: Mt. Earthclad (U23)


  • Super Strength
    • Super Strength Handles
    • Fistlock
  • Laser (Firesnap Sash)
  • Earth Beam (Point the beam at Earth Spots)
  • Earthclad's Might
  • Cannon Jump
  • Arcanus Summon (red)
  • Sketchian Combo-Combat


I hope the soldiers are doing all right. Better check on 'em!
— Strongarm's first line when leaving the game
Let's get some things done soon, 'kay?
— Strongarm's second line when leaving the game
Strongarm, reporting to base!
— Strongarm's third line when leaving the game
— Strongarm when in combat
Anyone else able to crack this one? My hands are too big!
— Strongarm's line when unable to solve a puzzle
Allow me!
— Strongarm's line when able to solve a puzzle
This thing will be safe with me.
— Strongarm when obtaining a collectible
Hmm... I need to calm down and focus.
— Strongarm when idle
Whooooaaaa... how does AnthonyM do this so much?
— Strongarm's first line when in the rift
I'm surprised I'm not falling faster! have I reached terminal velocity?
— Strongarm's second line when in the rift
Let's armor up!
— Strongarm's first line when upgrading
This thing's gonna rock the place when I'm done with it!
— Strongarm's second line when upgrading
OKAY, THAT'S IT!! No more games!
— Strongarm when respawning
Wait... what? There's only ONE General Strongarm!
— Strongarm to Strongarm
Well, if it isn't AnthonyM. If you're here, then who's at the Command Base?
— Strongarm to AnthonyM
Techo. Please don't shout in my nonexistent ear. I am NOT in the mood.
— Strongarm to Techo
Blurri, are you up for another adventure?
— Strongarm to Blurri
I'm watchin' ya, Shadus. ALWAYS WATCHIN'!
— Strongarm to Shadus
Hey, Hekama! Nice of you to drop by.
— Strongarm to Hekama
Mobile Fist online. Let's roll.
— Strongarm when in Mobile Fist
How does Techo fit in this thing?
— Strongarm when in Techo's Shooter Ship
It's smaller than I remember... oh well, off to sail.
— Strongarm when in SS Mixium
For such a small child, you have quite a big heart. I appreciate that.
— Strongarm to Frisk
A puny madman in a mech. Can my day get any stranger?
— Strongarm to Herbert Storbert
Before you ask, I'm not a superhero. I just so happen to have a cape but I cannot fly... unless I have floating boulders to Cannon Jump to.
— Strongarm to Mr. Incredible
“'Hmph' to you too.
— Strongarm to Lone Wanderer
That's a nice punching gauntlet you have there.
— Strongarm to Kristian Christian

Special Variant

Candy-Coated Strongarm is packaged in a special Holiday Pack which includes all 5 AnthonyM characters. Each has a unique variant, and Strongarm's is themed around Easter and candy. His armor is strawberry pink and vanilla yellow with his cape and scar taking on the color blue. He has a special accessory in this set; a lollipop he can hold.

Miscellaneous Actions

Entrance and Exit

  • Strongarm jumps out of the portal smashing his fists down on the floor.
  • Candy-Coated Strongarm jumps out of the portal, swinging with a lollipop before putting it away.
  • Strongarm punches the ground to gain extra jump height to land in the portal.

Idle Animations

  • Strongarm meditates for a short while, floats, then gets up on his feet again.
  • Strongarm performs the Rock-Fu Stonefist pose, summoning a fist of stone nearby him.
  • Candy-Coated Strongarm takes a sample of candy from his armor and eats it, then watches as it regenerates back into place.

Finishing Moves

  • Strongarm summons a stone fist to launch his opponent into the air, and then jumps up and spikes him down with both fists.
  • Strongarm grabs his opponent, throws them, then hits them with the Firesnap Sash's fire beam.

Combat Skill Tree

  • Earth Shaker (L) (L) ((L)) (L)- Strongarm pounds the ground after delivering a few hard-hitting punches.
  • Strongarm Tornado (H) (H) ((H)) (H)- Strongarm spins around after delivering two mean hooks.
  • Boulder Breaker (L) (L) (H) (H)- Strongarm delivers a fierce uppercut then slams the opponent to the ground.
  • Head Rattler (H) (H) (L) (L)- Strongarm delivers a punch that dizzies the opponent, then smacks down on them to finish them off.
  • Earthclad Slam (L/H in air)- Strongarm slams down with both fists.


  • A normal minifig is 2/3 the size of Strongarm, much like AnthonyM and Strongarm's height difference is 2:3.
  • Strongarm's arms are completely posable thanks to towballs in the joints.
  • The Fistlock can be performed on any big character, including Venom-Powered Bane, Angry Homer, Big Stay Puft, and Giant Suit Cyborg.
    • Angry Kitty is the only exception.
  • Strongarm's interaction with Frisk references the fact that their soul takes the appearance of a heart and how Frisk is commonly associated with the Pacifist Route.


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Candy-Coated Strongarm's Toy Tag