Steven Universe


Character Information
Name Steven Universe


Franchise Steven Universe
Weapons/Accessories Shield
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Lion, Greg's Van
Occupation Crystal Gem, Guardian 
Residence Beach City
Time to fight monsters and protect humanity and stuff!
— Steven's first line when entering the game
Hey! Any one needed a Crystal Gem?
— Steven's second line when entering the game
All right! It's Steven's turn!
— Steven's third line when entering the game

Steven Universe is one of the Level Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the Steven Universe Level Pack for the Steven Universe franchise.


Steven Universe is a friendly boy who is appreciated by the many citizens of his home town of Beach City. Steven looks up to his caretakers (Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl) and considers them his family. He wants to be a great hero like them and joins them in their many adventures. He is friendly towards anyone he meets, even his enemies. He would rather make a comprise with his enemies than using physical violence. Steven also has a talent for music as he breaks into song and plays on his ukulele. 

Dimension Crisis



Steven Universe: Beach City


  • Laser Deflector (Shield)
  • Mind Control (Mind Transfer)
  • Heart Regeneration (Can heal other characters in battle using healing spit)
    • Healing
  • Magical Shield (Uses bubble shield)
  • Boomerang (Throws Shield as a Projectile)
  • Mini Access
  • Glide (Speed Of Descent Regulation)
  • High Jump (Speed of Descent Regulation)
  • Super Speed
  • Sonar Smash (Ukulele)
  • Intelligence
  • Gate Pass
  • Fusion
    • Smoky Quartz (Steven/Amethyst)
  • Character Changing (Can change into Stevonnie)


I'm going to see what Connie is doing! Later!
— Steven's first line when leaving the game
I hope I didn't miss the Crying Breakfast friends marathon!
— Steven's second line when leaving the game
Looks like I'm needed elsewhere!
— Steven's third line when leaving the game
Looks like the bad guys are here!Lets mash their potatoes!
— Steven when in combat
Its time to get beefy!
— Steven when in combat
I guess I need some help if I want to solve this...
— Steven's line when unable to solve a puzzle
Watch out, puzzle! You're about to get solved!
— Steven's line when able to solve a puzzle
Neato burrito!
— Steven's line after solving a puzzle
This is like the loot from a RPG! It's so shiny!
— Steven when obtaining a collectible
To be honest, I used to all of this dimensional colliding stuff now.
— Steven when idle
This is way more fun than the warp pads!
— Steven's first line when in the rift
Come to think of it, I should better stay away from the sides here as well!
— Steven's second line when in the rift
In order to upgrade this, I have to become serious. Serious Steven....ACTIVATE!!!!
— Steven's first line when upgrading
Oh Steven, I told you before not to take peanut butter at important missions like this.
— Steven's second line when upgrading
Huh, so that what it feels like to be regenerated...
— Steven when respawning
You are incredibly giant....but not as giant as a giant woman.
— Steven when entering a mech or seeing a giant character
I kinda wish that the Gems were here to protect me now!
— Steven before comforting a boss
Wait, you are me?! Are you sure you aren't of one of my time clones? If you are, remember that I'm the handsome one here!
— Steven's quote to Steven
Let's dance.
— Steven when fusing into Stevonnie
Magicial gauntlets, gear, and powers?! Are you sure you aren't a gem?
— Steven when seeing AnthonyM
Woah! A dinosaur! Lion would be so jealous right now!
— Steven when riding the Velociraptor
I hope driving is easy as it is in those racing games at the arcade.
— Steven when riding the Sonic Speedster
A talking dog? So cool!
— Steven when seeing Soooby-Doo!
Hey, K.O. Your choice of clothes reminds me of Ruby. You should see her sometime.
— Steven when seeing K.O.
Uuuum….am I dreaming? Or am I in someone else’s dream?
— Steven when seeing Unikitty
Wow! Ronaldo would LOVE to meet you.
— Steven when seeing Peter Venkman
You're quite the fighter with that Sodiar, Crash... Potatoes. Also quite the name as well.
— Steven when seeing Crash Potatoes

Idle Animations

  • Steven plays on the ukulele 
  • Steven eats a Cookie Cat

Finishing Moves

  • Steven brings out his bubble shield and morphs his bubble to have spikes
  • Steven brings out his shield and slams it on the enemy

Entrance And Exit Animations

  • Steven jumps out of the portal and lands face first. He then gets up a few seconds later.
  • Steven breaks the fourth wall and waves at the player. After that, he jumps back into the portal.


  • Steven is played by Zach Callison in the show. Zach will reprise his role for the game.
  • Steven's reaction to himself is a reference to the episode, "Steven And The Stevens".