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Steven Universe is one of the many franchises in LEGO Dimensions.


Packs by RealGameTime

  • Steven Universe Level Pack
    • Steven Universe
      • Lion
        • Laser Light Canon
        • Healing Fountain
      • Greg's Van
        • Steven's Go-Kart
        • Handmade Spaceship

Battle Arena:Abandoned Warehouse Battle Arena

  • Steven Universe Team Pack
    • Pearl
      • Pearlbot
        • Universe Mach-5
        • Greg's Dondai Supremo
    • Amethyst
      • Injector
        • Drill Injector
        • Claw Injector

Battle Arena:Ancient Sky Arena

  • Steven Universe Fun Pack
    • Garnet
      • Amycopter
        • Amycar
        • Amytruck

Battle Arena:Sardonyx's Room Battle Arena

  • Steven Universe Fun Pack
    • Peridot
      • Peribot
        • Gem Drill
        • Escape Pod

Battle Arena:Mask Island Battle Arena



We Are The Crystal Gems


  • Crystal Gems VS Homeworld


  • Steven Multiverse



  • Beach City
    • Beach City Pier
    • Beach City Funland
      • Funland Arcade (Restoration)
    • Big Donut
    • Fish Stew Pizza
    • Its A Wash (Restoration)
    • The Barn
    • Beach Citywalk Fries
    • U-STOR (Restoration)
  • Using The Warp Pad
    • Kindergarten
    • Gem Battlefield (Restoration)
    • Lunar Sea Spire
    • The Desert
    • Lion's Dimension (When using Lion)
    • The Forge
    • Sky Spire (Restoration)
    • Mask Island (Restoration)
  • Crystal Temple
    • Beach House
    • Steven's Room
    • Garnet's Room (Requires Garnet)
    • Amethyst's Room (Requires Amethyst)
    • Pearl's Room (Requires Pearl)
    • Sardonyx's Room (Requires fusing Garnet and Pearl)
    • Crystal Heart (Restoration)

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