Steve (Minecraft)
Character information
Name Steve
Gender Male
Franchise Minecraft
Weapons/Accessories Diamond Sword
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Minecart, Wolf
Occupation Miner
Residence Steve's House

Steve is one of the Level Pack Characters in LEGO Dimensions, from the Minecraft franchise. He appears in the Minecraft Level Pack


  • Dig (Shovel)
  • Vine Cut (Sword)
  • Mine (Pickaxe)
  • Target (Bow)
  • Stealth (Pumpkin Head)
  • Master Build
  • Illumination (Torch)
  • Tracking (Compass)
  • Sword Switches (Sword)
  • Weapon Switch


  • He is second silent character
    • The first being Chell
  • He is the only non-The LEGO Movie character to be able to Master Build

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