Character Information
Name Steve
Franchise Minecraft
Weapons/Accessories Pickaxe
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Crafting Table, Minecart
Occupation Player
Residence Minecraft
Steve is one of the Level Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the Minecraft Level Pack for the Minecraft franchise. 


Steve is the main protagonist of the video game, Minecraft. He is the only character that can be controlled by the player. He sets off his adventure surviving the world filled with villains and creatures. His hobbies including being a tough fighter using many weapons in order to get resources and being a creative builder which he can use his trusty crafting table in order to get materials to build anything from a giant house to complex machines. He sets off in order to explore the lands and find new adventures. 

Dimensions Crisis



Minecraft: The Overworld


  • Weapon Switch
    • Sword (Sword Switch)
    • Pickaxe (Drill / Mining)
    • Axe (Vine Cut)
    • Shovel (Dig)
    • Torch (Illumination)
    • Bow (Target)
    • Shield (Laser Deflector)
  • Potion Switch
    • Heart Regeneration (Potion of Regeneration)
    • Speed (Potion of Swiftness and
    • Lava Guard (Potion of Fire Resistance)
    • Super Strength (Potion of Strength)
      • Super Strength Handles
    • Illumination (Potion of Night Vision)
    • Jump (Potion of Leaping)
    • Dive (Potion of Breathing)
    • Stealth (Potion of Invisibility)
  • Water Spray / Growth (Water Bucket / Hoe)
  • Growth (Water Bucket)
  • Hazard Cleaner (Bucket)
  • Glide (Elytra)
  • Stealth (Pumpkin Head)
  • Silver LEGO Blowup (TNT)
  • Fix-It (Anvil)
  • Teleportation (Eye Of Ender)
  • Grapple (Fishing Rod)
  • Tracking (Compass)
  • Minecraft Master Build (Can create Minecraft structures)
  • Character Changing (Can switch into Alex)

Entrance and Exit Animations


  • Steve jumps out of the rift and leans on his feet.

About To Exit

  • Steve crouches and bends back a bit.


  • Steve jumps into the rift.

Idle Animations

  • Steve takes out a apple and eats it.
  • A creeper appears behind Steve and tries to detonate. Steve turns around and slays it with his sword. The creeper disappears a few seconds later.

Attack Animations

Normal Attack

  • Steve swings his sword down.
  • Steve swings his sword right.
  • Steve swings his sword left.
  • Steve swings his sword up.

Ground Pound

  • Steve slams his pickaxe on the ground.

Finishing Moves

  • Steve mines underneath the enemy as a pool of lava appears. The enemy falls in and Steve patches up the bottom.
  • Steve backs away as a pile of sand falls above and buries the enemy. The sand disappears shortly after.

Misc. Animations



  • Steve stands and he glances left, then right. His glancing repeats.

Standing on Edge

  • Steve leans forward and wobbles a bit.


  • Steve crouches and slowly walks.


  • Steve walks at a normal speed.

Wading Through Water

  • Steve wades through and looking down at the water.

Pushing Objects on Slide Puzzles

  • Steve pushes the object with his hands.


  • Steve runs at a fast speed.


  • Steve sprints at a faster speed.

Walking on Balance Beam

  • Steve crouches and slowly walks along the beam.


  • Steve jumps in the air in the same stance as his normal position.

Falling Short Height

  • Steve falls in the air in his arms and hands moving around.

Falling Tall Height

  • Steve falls in a T formation.

Landing Short Height

  • Steve lands on his feet.

Landing Tall Height

  • Steve lands on his feet. He tries to keep balance and then stands in his normal pose.

Grabbing Onto Ledge

  • Steve grabs onto the ledge with his hands.

Hanging Onto Ledge

  • Steve hangs onto the ledge with his hands.

Moving Left or Right on Ledge

  • Steve turns his head left or right and jumps a little to the left or right.



  • Steve looks up and climbs up with his hands.


  • Steve looks down as she climbs down with his hands.


  • Steve turns his head left and looks left as he climbs left.


  • Steve turns his head right and looks right as he climbs right.

Flying Through Rift

  • Steve jumps into the rift.

Flying: Gliding

  • Steve looks down as he glides in the direction he is going with his Elytra.

Activating Switches


  • Steve presses the button with his hand.


  • Steve pulls the lever with his hands.

Rotating Switches

  • Steve puts his palms on the switch and moves it forward. He walks slowly.

Valve Switches

  • Steve pulls the lever left and right with his hands.

Aiming and Projectiles


  • Steve gets out his bow and slings back a arrow before preparing to take aim.


  • Steve lets go of the arrow firing it fro the bow.


  • A arrow that is colored like the ones from Minecraft.

Using Abilities

Can't Use Something

  • Steve turns to the camera and puts his hands in a questioning pose.

Weapon Switch (Inventory)

  • Steve turns to the camera.

Sword Switch

  • Steve gets out his sword and puts it in the Sword Switch slot. He then moves to whatever side the end of the switch is on and takes it out.


  • Steve gets out his pickaxe and hits the Drill area a few times before breaking.

​Vine Cut

  • Steve gets out his axe and swings at the vines multiple times quickly.

Laser Deflector

  • Steve gets out his shovel and digs in the dirt hole.


  • Steve gets out his torch and lights it with a flint and steel. The torch sparks fire and it glows up the area.


  • Steve gets out his shield and heroically deflecting the laser beam.


  • Steve gets out a bucket of water and sprays it on the plant.


  • Steve gets out his compass and looks at it while walking.


  • In air, pressing the jump button makes Steve have his elytra pop out and he glides with it until he reaches the ground.


  • Steve gets out his pumpkin head and places on his head. He crouches and walks slowly after that.

Minecraft Master Build

  • Steve looks at the three structures and jumps to use their blocks to create a new structure.

Silver LEGO Blowup

  • Steve gets out a TNT block and lights it with a flint and steel. It blows up destroying the silver LEGO bricks.


Idle Fighting Stance

  • Steve gets out his sword and moves from left to right in a combat stance.

Grabbing Onto Ground (where you have to rapidly press action)

  • Steve hangs onto the ground with his hands.

Stunned 1

  • TBA

Freeing From Stunned 1

  • TBA

Stunned 2

  • TBA

Grabbed By Cyberman

  • Steve is grabbed by the neck and he flails his arms in terror.

Sleeping (Purple Poppies)

  • Steve bends down and his eyes are closed.


  • Steve jolts with all her limbs sticking straight outwards. When electrocuted, his skeleton can be seen as well as a blocklike skeleton face like a Minecraft skeleton.

Afraid: Idle

  • Steve's body shakes a bit as he looks left and right and back forward.

Afraid: Running

  • Steve runs with his arms wiggling in the air in terror.

Knocked Back

  • Steve stumbles backwards.


  • Steve reaches out of the water but he fails to sinking to the bottom.

Riding Vehicles

Wheeled/Flying/Underwater Vehicle/Mech

  • Steve sits down with his arms at his sides.

Riding on Back of Vehicle like Sentry Gun or Other

  • Steve grabs on the vehicle with both arms.

Riding Brutal Bloom (Swooping Evil Rebuild 2)

  • TBA

Picking Up Objects like Companion Cube or other

  • Steve picks up the object and carries it with his arms slowly.

Using Keystones

Chroma: When Colored

  • Steve are colored, excluding his eyes.

Elemental: Shooting Beam

  • Steve aims with his hands.

Scale: Picking Up Maze Pieces

  • Steve picks up the maze piece.

Scale: Standing Under Maze Piece On Tracks

  • Steve pushes the maze piece up with his hands up to his head.

Scale: Moving Under Maze Piece On Tracks

  • Steve moves with his hands up to his head.

Locate: Opening Rift

  • Steve bends back a little and reaches out with his arms.

On Water

Idle on Surface

  • Steve bobbles his arms against the water.

Swimming on the Surface

  • Steve pushes himself forward and moves his arms in a swimming formation.
== Character Tag == 

All sides look like a Minecraft grass block. The front has a diamond pickaxe on it.


  • Steve doesn't have any quotes because he has no voice in the game