Codename: Squid Kid

LEGO Squid Kid

LEGO Birthday Bash Squid Kid

Character information
Name Codename: Squid Kid
Gender Male
Franchise AnthonyM and the World of Sketch
Weapons/Accessories Paint Tank and Ink Mace
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Guardian-Cycle
Occupation Weaponized Painter, Guardian of Sketchia-7
Residence Skyborn Studio (U7)
Let's paint the town!
— Squid Kid's first line upon tagging in
Ready for a new coat of paint?
— Squid Kid's second line upon tagging in
What's the best color to paint for your birthday, sport?
— Birthday Bash Squid Kid's unique tag-in line (available on the player's birthday while logged in)
Squid Kid is a Story Pack character for the AnthonyM and the World of Sketch franchise in LEGO Dimensions.


Squid Kid

AnthonyM, codenamed Squid Kid as to not be confused with his U23 counterpart, was a talented painter. He would commonly enter paint battles with a brush, as he was looking for a way to integrate painting into a battle. However, he was unsuccessful as the brush didn't give him the staying power to keep striking without popping. A freak accident involving a pocket watch teleported him through time, where he ended up making a weapon with as much speed as a brush, but struck as hard as a roller; the Ink Mace. Alongside his squad members Red Roller, Sprocket, and Beauty Blue, he dominates both the octopus threat and the paint battles with style.

Birthday Bash Squid Kid

Squid Kid loved the idea of the Birthday Bash initiative, allowing him to do more with his paint skills, including nonlethal party bombs and other party favors for the kids. He has the freedom to make a fool of himself during these events and just loves entertaining children, so this was a perfect pitch for him.

Dimensions Crisis

Squid Kid is always on the lookout for any threats, and Vortech is no different.


  • World of Sketch: Skyborn Studio (U7)


  • Acrobatics (triple jump)
  • Climb (squid form)
    • Magno Gloves
  • Color Gun (AN-M Aeroshot with starter color: orange)
  • Laser Deflector (Damage Sponge)
  • Crystal LEGO Blowup (AN-M Thunderstorm)
  • Guardian LEGO
  • Super Strength (Ink Mace)
  • Dive
  • LEGO Constructs
  • Sketchian Combo-Combat
  • Character Changing (Can change to AnthonyM, Antoni Emma, and Kid Color)


I need a break... see ya soon.
— Squid Kid upon leaving the game
Time for a lethal facepaint session!
— Squid Kid in combat
— Squid Kid upon obtaining a collectible
There are so many diverse worlds in this multiverse...
— Squid Kid when idle
It's like one of those Super Jumps... except much faster!
— Squid Kid when in the rift
That pop may have pulled a muscle...
— Squid Kid upon respawning
Do you specialize in any paint weapons? I might need a backup support for the tourneys.
— Squid Kid to Diman
Another squid? Well, I'd like to see you shift shape. Can you?
— Squid Kid to Squidley

Special Variant

Birthday Bash Squid Kid is packaged in the AnthonyM Holiday Pack, and is a single minifigure who can replace Birthday Bash AnthonyM on the Toy Tag.

Miscellaneous Actions

Entrance and Exit

  • Squid Kid uses his tentacles to crawl out of the portal.
  • Squid Kid hops into the portal in squid form.

Idle Animations

  • Squid Kid plays jumprope with his mace, and trips on it after a while before getting up.
  • Squid Kid flops around and jumps while in squid form, then turns into a mess of tentacles before finally turning back into his normal form.
  • Birthday Bash Squid Kid tosses a few Party Bombs around him.

Finishing Moves

  • Squid Kid performs the Deflector Spin Slam after gunking up his enemy's feet.
  • Squid Kid slams his enemy with the AN-M Thunderstorm, then shoots a torrent blast from it, obliterating his target.


  • Upon dying, Squid Kid pops instead of exploding into bricks.
  • Squid Kid's quotes are not said in English, or the language the game is being played in. Instead, you hear "squid-babble" when he speaks.
  • Squid Kid and Chase McCain are the only two characters who possess Color Guns.
    • Squid Kid changes color when he switches colors. (Everything orange on him will change to the color in the swapper.)
    • Birthday Bash Squid Kid starts out with pink instead of orange.

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