Shovel Knight
Character information
Name Shovel Knight
Gender Male
Franchise Shovel Knight
Weapons/Accessories Shovel
Occupation Knight, Adventurer
For Shoverly!
— Shovel Knight's first line when entering the game.
Sharpen Thy Shovel!
— Shovel Knight's second line when entering the game.
Let's Get Shoveling!
— Shovel Knight's third line when entering the game.

Shovel Knight is a character in LEGO Dimensions from the Shovel Knight franchise. He comes in a Level Pack with Catapult and Troupple Chalice.


  • Digging
  • Acrobatics
  • Laser Deflection
  • Sword Switches
  • Relic Switch
    • Flare Wand
      • Laser
    • Phase Locket
      • Stealth
    • Dust Knuckles
      • Super Strength
    • Throwing Anchor
      • Target
    • Alchemy Coin
      • Stud Drop (turns enemies into studs)
    • Mobile Gear
      • Super Speed
    • War Horn
      • Sonar Smash
    • Propeller Dagger
      • Flight
    • Fishing Rod
      • Grapple
    • Chaos Sphere
      • Silver Lego Blowup


This one is thy hard!
— Shovel Knight when unable to solve a puzzle
Justice in Spades!
— Shovel knight when in combat.
I beat thy God of War and thy cool toads, so can you give me an autograph, Mario?
— Shovel Knight when seeing Mario
I seriously like thy treasures!
— Shovel Knight when getting a collectible
My adventure will continue sometime...
— Shovel Knight's first line when leaving the game.
Twas fun, goodbye!
— Shovel Knight's second line when leaving the game.


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