Character information
Name Shooter
Franchise Venture
Weapons/Accessories Gun
— Shooter's line when walking
Shooters are common enemies in Venture.


Shooters are common enemies in Venture. They spawn at night and in dark areas, and shoot the player when they are in radius. They have a deadly fear of sunlight, as it will burn them to death, and run away after night. In general, the most efficient way to kill Shooters is with your own gun, preferably from a big enough distance so that they do no' even notice you. You can charge them with a blade, but expect to get tagged with at least one bullet in the process. In addition, despite the bottomless magazine on the Shooter guns, they only drop a few bullets when murdered and will sometimes drop their guns too (in cruddy shape, so no infinite bullets). If you are especially lucky the gun might even be magic too.

Abilities (Upon Mind Control)

  • Target (Gun)
  • Bronze LEGO Blowup (Gun)


  • Their sounds whenever they walk are the clatter of rattler tails. Their gunshots are done by a sniper rifle.
  • Their gun can range from the normal Venture blaster to a rifle or a revolver.