LEGO Shadus

Trick-or-Treat Shadus

Character Information
Name Shadus
Gender Male
Franchise AnthonyM and the World of Sketch
Weapons/Accessories Vodakra, Ring of Darklander Rage
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Shadow Slicer
Occupation Nega-Guardian of Sketchia (U23)
Residence Umbra Village (U23 Darkworld)
Who called for a prankster?
— Shadus's first line when entering the game
Name's Shadus. Don't wear it out!
— Shadus's second line when entering the game
I hope I was brought here for a good reason!
— Shadus's third line when entering the game
Trick or treat! Hehehehahaha!!
— Shadus's fourth line when entering the game (only available on Halloween or as Trick-or-Treat Shadus)
Shadus is a Fun Pack character for the AnthonyM and the World of Sketch franchise in LEGO Dimensions.



Shadus is the Darkworld twin of AnthonyM, and was a prankster from childhood. His knack for elaborate traps and tricks led him straight into the Darklander Army, and he eventually donned the Golden Armor, and taking up the title of the Golden Knight. Shadus would journey out to a Nega-Guardian's Sanctum and find out that he was chosen to be the Nega-Guardian, the Guardian of the Darkworld. He also found his own Quantum Hole Generator and the Ring of Darklander Rage. This gifted him a pet he'd call Ragey, and it was an amorphous blob of shadow energy created from the negative energy of rage. The angrier his opponents, the stronger Shadus's new pet became. With his new tools, he sought to be a rival to AnthonyM and his crew. After the Cube of Awakening was rebuilt, the two discovered they had unleashed a dormant threat and teamed up with a colossus of light to banish the colossus of darkness in what was known as the Dhakra Wars. During this event, Shadus realized the balance of the light and dark worlds, and stopped trying to be AnthonyM's rival.

Trick-or-Treat Shadus

Shadus loves the holiday of Halloween, and gladly participates in the "trick" side of the figurative coin. Making friends with the pumpkin spirit Flame Soul allowed Shadus to make a new set of clothes and armor out of ghost fabric and swarm the streets of Sketchia, giving residents a hearty "BOO" as they crossed his path. Being a prankster, he takes this to a whole new level to scare people silly.

Shadus's Stats

Shadus, like AnthonyM, has very balanced stats. His Attack and Speed are slightly higher, in exchange for a slight lack of Defense.

Dimensions Crisis

Shadus seeks nothing more than to drive Vortech out of Dark Sketchia-23. He will fight to make sure that Vortech doesn't ruin the Quantum River, even if it kills him. Why? Because he wants Vortech to know that he will never side with evil.


  • World of Sketch: Umbra Village (U23 Darkworld)


  • Acrobatics (double jump)
  • Boomerang (Shadow Daggers)
    • Target
  • Sword Switch
  • Stealth (Shadow Dip)
  • Arcanus Summon (purple)
  • Shadow Summon
    • Shadow Build
    • Shadow Travel
  • Sketchian Combo-Combat


I'll be seeing you... soon.
— Shadus's first line when leaving the game
Uh-oh! Hope my mom doesn't get mad at me!
— Shadus's second line when leaving the game
Can't stay, guys. I gotta feed Ragey!
— Shadus's third line when leaving the game
Better go check on my candy stash. Gotta make sure Twillo doesn't steal anything.
— Shadus's fourth line when exiting the game (only available on Halloween or as Trick-or-Treat Shadus)
You'll all feel the sharp, jagged edges of my biter sword when I'm done with you.
— Shadus when in combat
Anyone ELSE know how to deal with this?
— Shadus when unable to solve a puzzle
Let the Purple Prankster deal with this!
— Shadus when able to solve a puzzle
This'll make a great prank asset!
— Shadus when obtaining a collectible
I might need to give Vodakra a good sharpening... it doesn't look jagged enough!
— Shadus when idle
Whoa-ho-ho! Now THIS is the way to travel!
— Shadus's first line when in the rift
Now I understand why AnthonyM loves quantum travel so much!
— Shadus's second line when in the rift
This thing's gonna be great!
— Shadus's first line when upgrading
And now for the most monstrously massive overhaul!
— Shadus's second line when upgrading
I rise from the shadows... alive and well.
— Shadus when respawning
A clone of myself? Sweet! Double the pranks!
— Shadus to Shadus
You're here too, AnthonyM? I guess you couldn't stay at your base for a half-hour.
— Shadus to AnthonyM
I would say that your punches mean nothing to me, Strongarm, but I'd rather NOT get socked in the face.
— Shadus to Strongarm
You're not half bad yourself, Techo.
— Shadus in response to Techo
Techo, do you happen to have any spare anti-rust solution? I might need some soon.
— Shadus to Techo
Blurri, might I accompany you in battle? Or shall we battle? Take your pick.
— Shadus to Blurri
Let's hit the road, my wonderful car monster!
— Shadus when in Shadow Slicer
Finally, I can ride this without the M-Crew trying to take it back!
— Shadus when in Mobile Fist
I've always wanted my own hoverbike... I should probably get one.
— Shadus when in Guardian-Cycle
So, hero... are you afraid of the dark? Heh heh heh!
— Shadus to Jonah
Who you callin' heartless, punk?
— Shadus to Sora
Whoa, that's one serious burn.
— Shadus to Diabolus

Special Variant

Trick-or-Treat Shadus is packaged in a special Holiday Pack which includes all 5 AnthonyM characters. Each has a unique variant, and Shadus's is themed around Halloween. He sports orange and ghostly green paired with black armor.

Miscellaneous Actions

Entrance and Exit

  • Shadus rises up from the portal, arms folded in a cross shape, then he readies battle stance.
  • Trick-or-Treat Shadus comes out of the portal in a ghostly silhouette, then shakes off the mist before giving a "BOO" to the camera.
  • Shadus dips into the ground, then jumps into the portal as a shadow silhouette.

Idle Animations

  • Shadus practices a bit of fencing with Vodakra.
  • Shadus has an evil grin on his face and a thinking pose as he contemplates his next prank.
  • Trick-or-Treat Shadus grabs a pumpkin bucket and eats a candy from it, then puts it away.

Finishing Moves

  • Shadus summons Ragey from his ring, who eats the enemy.
  • Shadus dips out of sight, only to appear from behind as a shadow with his signature eyes and grin. He drags his opponent into the shadows and deconstructs them in there before throwing out their parts and reemerging.


  • Shadus was originally designed to be a villain, but eventually just became a misguided rival.
  • Shadus has two titles that he uses constantly; the Golden Knight (referencing his armor and high status) and the Purple Prankster (referencing his favorite thing to do).
  • Shadus's Toy Tag is based upon his armor and a shadowy mouth, with his logo on the back.
  • Shadus is meant to be a rival to the M-Crew as a whole. This is conveyed by him posessing traits of the crew's members.
    • Ironically, he is on good terms with Techo.
  • Shadus's favorite holiday is Halloween, and has a fourth entry and exit line only on that day.
    • This is also why Trick-or-Treat Shadus was created.


Shadus Toy Tag

Shadus's Toy Tag

Trick-or-Treat Shadus Toy Tag

Trick-or-Treat Shadus's Toy Tag