Robert's Wooden Shelter is a Venture location in LEGO Dimensions.


Robert's Wooden Shelter is located in the Woods near Farm. It is made of, hence the name, wooden beams, wood bricks, rock, and stone bricks. There are also glass pane windows, and an alder wooden entrance, with a torch near it. There is also a Babirusa sty made out of woody fences with a gate attached to the right. Tulips are also growing around the surrounding Wabe, and Pipipis tend to spawn. Inside is a bunch of requirements to Venturian survival, like a treasure chest full of obligatory baguettes, a workbench, a bed, and a fireplace. There is also a treasure chetss with three wood tools; a pick, a blade, and a hatchet.


  • Image by MrBrick&BoB of Eurobricks. Link here.
  • Whenever you sniper scope the door, Nightwing from DC Comics appears.
    • Whenever you sniper scope the windows, Nightmare from Marvel appears.
    • Whenever you sniper scope the workbench, Night Nurse, also from Marvel appears.
    • If you sniper scope the window for three whole minutes, a fat gerbil enters the house. He can than be agonized and maltreated.