Character Information
Name Red


Franchise The Angry Birds Movie
Weapons/Accessories Egg
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Slingshot
Occupation Leader Of The Flock, Outcast Of Bird Island
Residence Bird Island
Woah! I didn't expect searching for the eggs here....
— Red's first line when entering the game
Hi, I’m Red and... wait, where are we exactly?
— Red's second line when entering the game
By the looks of things, I can already tell that this is going to be awful.
— Red's third line when entering the game

Red is one of the Team Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the The Angry Birds Movie Team Pack for the The Angry Birds Movie franchise.


Red is an isolated, lonely bird on Bird Island. His journey to redemption as a at first angry, aggressive bird to a loved, happy companion to those around him.

Dimension Crisis



The Angry Birds Movie: Bird Island


  • Acrobatics
  • Mini Access
  • Tracking
  • Dive


Maybe the eggs aren't here after all.
— Red's first line when leaving the game
I have to go. Got to attend a kid's birthday party. Hope I don't mess this one up.
— Red's second line when leaving the game
I hope I'm not late for today's anger management class....
— Red's third line when leaving the game
Get ready! It's time to get angry!
— Red when in combat
I don't think I have a anger issue. I think you got a anger issue.
— Red when in combat
This doesn't look like the Pigs have built this. I don't know what this is.
— Red's line when unable to solve a puzzle
I guess this puzzle was designed just for me.
— Red's line when able to solve a puzzle
That was easier than though I would be. I imagined it a lot more horrible.
— Red after solving a puzzle
Well, it's not the eggs but it does look valuable.
— Red when obtaining a collectible
This is like getting fired from the slingshot! But I have no direct control here!
— Red's first line when in the rift
Well, now I know how flying feels!
— Red's second line when in the rift
Uggghhh... That was awful.
— Red when respawning
Woah. You are as big as Mighty Eagle!
— Red when entering a mech or seeing a giant character
Huh. I guess improvements could be made.
— Red when upgrading a vehicle
Time to show what this baby can do!
— Red when upgrading a vehicle
Seriously, that guy is the king?!
— Red when seeing a boss
So, are we going to stay here or... I don't even know anymore.
— Red when idle
Im not even going to say anything about this...
— Red's quote to Red
So Mario, are you sure that Bowser isn't stealing eggs instead of princesses? Okay, just making sure.
— Red's quote to Mario
You traveled to space, too? I remember when I got super powers there, but that's another story.
— Red when seeing Lone Starr
I can tell these people I'm meeting on this adventure keeps getting stranger and stranger.
— Red when seeing Eleven
Hey J, people have been reporting sightings of "alien pigs" on my island. Do you think you can help us?
— Red when seeing Agent J
This car has a really strong resemblance to my Super Roaster.
— Red when in the Road Rusher
That reminds me, I gotta start reading the newest Mighty Eagle comic issue when I get back home.
— Red when seeing Batman
I guess we are both leaders of our own teams. And we both like the color, red. What strange coincidences.
— Red when seeing Red Ranger
I know that you're a cheerful person, Unikitty. But please don't hug me, okay?
— Red when seeing Unikitty
You live in a post apocalyptic world? Well, we didn't get to that state of change in Bird Island. Wait, did we?
— Red when seeing Ellie

Finishing Moves

  • Red jumps up and jabs the enemy with his elbow and slams the enemy to the ground.
  • Red gets a bucket of popcorn and slams it on the enemy's head. The enemy falls down afterward.


  • Jason Sudeikis voices Red in the movie. He will reprise his role as him in the game.
  • More of his quotes and background will be updated as time comes. Also Angry Birds Movie 2 is happening.