Terraria 111:22

Terraria 1.2 Music - Lihzahrd Temple (Temple) EXTENDED

Music played while inside

Rainforest Temple is a Venture location in LEGO Dimensions.


Jungle temples consist of cobblestone, moss stone and three chiseled rock brick types. There are three floors. On the bottom floor there is a puzzle, which consists of three levers on three chiseled stone bricks connected to a hidden trapdoor mechanism via a piston. Inside the room the trapdoor opens to is a treasure chest. Down the hall from the puzzle, there is a way to another chest. The trap consists of two tripwires connected to turrets, hidden behind beanstalks. The first tripwire is in the beginning of way; the second tripwire is in front of the treasure chest.


  • There is currently plans for a Breathtaking Fear level to be based in one.
  • As an Easter Egg, C can be found in the Treasure Room if zoomed in on with a sniper character.
    • R can also be found if you flip the lever that makes the statue fall, rocks and coins scatter, as does R.

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