Rainforest is a Venture location in LEGO Dimensions.


The Rainforest features large amazon trees that can reach up to 15 mini-figures tall with thick trunks. Oak trees are also in it. The landscape is lush green and quite hilly, with several small lakes of water nestled into deep valleys, above sea level. Leaves cover much of the woodland floor—these "bush trees" have short trunks and are surrounded by oak leaves. When inside the Amazon, the sky will become noticeably light. Beanstalks are found alongside everything and cover the surface of caverns. California Spangled Cats, a Lost Temple, grapefruits, and Cacoa plants are also found. Melons generate in small pumpkin-like patches.


  • Image by I Forgot.
  • Uxar from BIONICLE can appear in it as a cameo.
    • Whenever you sniper scope the trees, Tarzan appears.
    • Whenever you sniper scope the Ocicats, the Jungle Guide from Indiana Jones appears.
    • Whenever you sniper scope a honeydew, Dr. Kilroy from Adventurers appears.
    • Whenever you sniper scope a vine, Professor Archibald Hale from Pharaoh's Quest appears.

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