Character information
Name R.O.B.
Gender N/A
Franchise Super Smash Bros.
Weapons/Accessories Robotic Arms
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Master Hand
Occupation Robot
Residence Super Smash Bros: Wrecking Crew
R.O.B. is a character in LEGO Dimensions from the Super Smash Bros. franchise. He comes in the 71XXX Fun Pack.


  • Attack Tilts
  • Aerial Attack
  • Aerials Special
  • Gyro Port
  • Special Attacks
  • Special Tilts


  • R.O.B. is based off of his Famicon Family Entertainment System version
  • R.O.B. is the fifth silent character in LEGO Dimensions
  • R.O.B. is the second character to be built out of LEGO bricks rather than being a minifigure.
    • The other being Unikitty

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