R R-Esterial R-A-Pult
Owner C
Abilities *R Panels
Set C Fun Pack
L-Ocglyuur'c hyulcg ryumo quoom omgolot cho tuno.
— R-Estrial's first line when entering the game
L-Ocglyur'c cosemja rymo quoom omgolot cho tuno
— R-Estrial's second line when entering the game
L-Ocglyuur'c chyulja ryumo quoom omgolot cho tuno.
— R-Estrial's third line when entering the game.
R-Esterial is a WWIII gadget in LEGO Dimensions.


R-Esterial was seen on the Gypsy Tank before it's destruction. However, it appears in the Resistance hangar, meaning it was bought before the tank's tear down. It was used by Conan Wood during the assault on the ISS. Unlike in the cases of Bill and R and Ren and R-A-Pult, both Conan and R-Esterial made it out in one piece.



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