Poke Launcher
Poke Launcher
Owner Red
Abilities Vine Cut


Super Strength

Silver LEGO Blowup

Electrical Charge

Set 20XX
Poke Launcher TBA TBA

The Poke Launcher, is a non-canon Gadget from the Pokemon Franchise. It is included in the 20XX Fun Pack, it is the personal gadget of Red.


The Poke Launcher, is a unique device based upon the machinery often seen in the Pokemon video games. When a player uses it, he/she can summon a Pokemon by selecting the Pokemon they choose from a selection screen. Each Pokemon has a different ability.

  • Treeko: Vine Cut
  • Porygon: Hacking
  • Onix: Super Strength
  • Loudred: Sonar Smash
  • Charizard: Silver Blowup
  • Pikachu: Electric Charge

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