Phoenix Wright
Pheonix Wright Model
Character information
Name Phoenix Wright
Gender Male
Franchise Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Court Desk

Evidence Presented New Evidence

Occupation Defense Attorney

Phoenix Wright is one of the Story Pack characters from LEGO Dimensions, he is from the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney franchise.


  • Intelligence
  • Tracking
  • Examination
  • Character Change (Maya Fey, Apollo Justice)
    • Maya Fey
      • Spirit Channeling
    • Apollo Justice
      • Examination
      • Tracking
      • Intelligence
      • Apollo's Bracelet


"This is some crazy new country!" - Phoenix's first line when entering the game

"What kind of court is this?" - Phoenix's second line when entering the game

"A new land, an experienced defense attorney." - Phoenix's third line when entering the game

"Good! Wait, no! I mean... Bad! Bad bad bad!" - Phoenix when encountering an object he can't use

"This'll be a tough one..." - Phoenix when encountering a puzzle

"TAKE THAT!" - Phoenix when in combat


  • Ben Judd reprises his role of Phoenix Wright for LEGO Dimensions


Pheonix Wright Toy Tag

Phoenix Wright's Toy Tag

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