Character Information
Name Pearl


Franchise Steven Universe
Weapons/Accessories Spear
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Pearlbot
Occupation Crystal Gem, Guardian 
Residence Beach City
I am Pearl and I am here in the name of Rose Quartz!
— Pearl's first line when entering the game
This looks like a interesting place.
— Pearl's second line when entering the game
I was expecting to use a warp pad to travel here.
— Pearl's third line when entering the game

Pearl is one of the Team Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the Steven Universe Team Pack for the Steven Universe franchise.


Pearl is the perfectionist out of all the Crystal Gems and likes to precise about what she is saying. She is polite to the other members of the team and likes to keep everything clean and tidy. Out of all of the Crystal Gems, Pearl is the most poorly adjusted to life on Earth, being unaware of human social conventions and culture, such as jokes, games, arcades, foods, and even birthday parties. Besides from that, Pearl wants to protect humanity more or less out of her love, loyalty, and admiration for Rose Quartz.

Dimension Crisis



Steven Universe:Beach City


  • Illumination
  • Target (Spear Fireball)
  • Sword Switch
  • Fix-It
  • Hacking
  • Technology
  • Pole Vault
  • Silver LEGO Blowup (Energy Projection)
  • Vine Cut (Sword)
  • Heart Regeneration
  • Acrobat
  • Dive
  • Regeneration (Turns into Pilot, Pre-Steven, Season 1, and Season 2)
  • Fusion
    • Sardonyx (Pearl/Garnet)
    • Opal (Pearl/Amethyst)
    • Alexandrite (Pearl/Garnet/Amethyst)


I think my work here is done. Please be careful of yourselves while I'm away.
— Pearl's first line when leaving the game
I have to take attend some personal business. One of my swords has gone missing again.
— Pearl's second line when leaving the game
Connie needs me with her sword fighting lessons. Farewell!
— Pearl's third line when leaving the game
Thats right! Fight me! I'm a pearl!
— Pearl when in combat
Everyone, get ready! It's time to show them what's right and what's wrong!
— Pearl when in combat
I am a gem of many talents. But I guess this just isn't one of them.
— Pearl's line when unable to solve a puzzle
Don't worry, I got this! I'm a Crystal Gem!
— Pearl's line when able to solve a puzzle
— Pearl line after solving a puzzle
This doesn't look like a gem artifact but it sure looks valuable.
— Pearl when obtaining a collectible
This dimension is absolutely beautiful and stunning! If only Rose was here to see this...
— Pearl when idle
Aagh, I'll take the Warp Pads over this any day! I'll even taking riding Lion over this!
— Pearl's first line when in the rift
Thank goodness I don't eat! This free-falling would've made me sick!
— Pearl's second line when in the rift
Ooh! There is so much to fix here! I'll get started right away!
— Pearl's first line when upgrading
Lets see... We need some parts replaced there and a new engine then and maybe some weapons. There is so much work to be done!
— Pearl's second line when upgrading
I always hate that feeling when I regenerate.
— Pearl when respawning
You are incredibly huge compared to a Gem. Nah, fusions are bigger.
— Pearl when entering a mech or seeing a giant character
I will defeat you! In the name of Rose Quartz!
— Pearl before confronting a boss
Did I accidentally leave one of my holograms on and forgot about it?
— Pearl's quote to Pearl
The way you use that hammer is so erratic and uncontrolled! Perhaps Sardonyx could teach you how to wield one properly.
— Pearl when seeing Harley Quinn
It’s ok. I know what it’s like to lose someone you love…but I find it very strange that both of the people we’re talking are named Rose…
— Pearl when seeing The Doctor
I never knew humans could become so advanced!
— Pearl when seeing Cyborg
How does Peridot use something so UNGRACEFUL!?
— Pearl when riding the Peribot
You play a musical instrument too, Jake? That's amazing. I don't have a viola but I do play a violin sometimes.
— Pearl when seeing Jake
If Rose knew what had happened to your kind, she probably would have done everything in her power to free you! Well, anything that didn’t include harvesting user souls…
— Pearl when seeing King Phantom
Finn, I heard you were a collector of many swords. How interesting! But I would be careful with them if I were you.
— Pearl when seeing Finn
I see you are caring a Master Sword. And yes, I do study swords in my free time.
— Pearl when seeing Link

Idle Animations

  • Pearl summons a hologram Pearl and fights it. She then stabs it and the hologram poofs away.
  • Pearl plays the violin

Finishing Moves

  • Pearl charges a fireball.
  • Pearl shoots out her spear like a arrow

Enternace And Exit Animations

  • Pearl does a flip when coming out of the portal. She lands perfectly on her feet and summons her spear.
  • Pearl backflips back into the portal.


Deedee Mango voices Pearl in the show. She will reprise her role as her in the game.