Patrick Star/Bat-Pat
Patrick Star (The LEGO SpongeBob Movie)
Character Information
Name Patrick Star/Bat-Pat
Franchise The LEGO SpongeBob Movie
Weapons/Accessories Batarang gun
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Invisible Boatmobile
Occupation Jellyfisher, superhero
Residence 120 Conch Street
Didja need me for anything?
— Patrick's first line when entering the game
So, if you sent me here...does that make me the STAR of the show?
— Patrick's second line when entering the game
Is Plankton here? Batman? MERMAID MAN!?
— Patrick's third line when entering the game

Patrick Star is a character in LEGO Dimensions. He was released in Wave X in 20XX for The LEGO SpongeBob Movie franchise.


  • Super Strength
  • Underwater Swimming
  • Outfit Change (changes into Bat-Pat)
    • Boomerang
    • Grapple
    • Rope Swings
    • Stealth
    • Vent Access


Hey, Batman. I hope there's no more hard feelings after that, uh...Bat-Pat incident.
— Patrick when seeing Batman (The LEGO Batman Movie)
Wow, nice Bat-Suit, Batman! I dig your sword!
— Patrick when seeing Excalibur Batman
That reminds me: I really should think about trying on different costumes sometime. Out with the old, in with the new, I guess.
— Patrick when seeing Nightwing
Squidward, what happened to your legs!?
— Patrick when seeing Squidward (SpongeBob SquarePants)
Ah, you're a Niffler, right? Do you think you could help me find one of my lost quarters?
— Patrick when seeing the Niffler
Are you sure your name is "Michael Knight", and not "David Hasslehoff"?
— Patrick when seeing Michael Knight
Help! This monster is gonna eat us all!
— Patrick when seeing any big character or riding any mech
This makes me look like I'm PRETENDING to drive a car!
— Patrick's first line when riding the Invisible Boatmobile
Oh my gosh, I get to drive the Invisible Boatmobile!
— Patrick's second line when riding the Invisible Boatmobile
A talking car? Mr. Krabs could make a good profit out of you.
— Patrick when seeing KITT
Heeey, long time no see! But since when did *I* get a boating license?
— Patrick when riding the Bass Blaster 3000
I might need this. You know, in case I need to fly somewhere.
— Patrick when riding the Batwing
A photo booth? Don't mind if I do...
— Patrick when riding Plankton's Time Machine
Wait, this isn't a phone booth, this is a...what is this?
— Patrick when riding the TARDIS
And here comes a giant fist!!
— Patrick when riding Master Hand
Don't tell me I was mowed again...
— Patrick when seeing Patrick (The LEGO SpongeBob Movie or SpongeBob SquarePants)


Hi there, stranger. My name is...Bat-Pat.
— Patrick when changing into Bat-Pat
Run while you can, or taste my batarang gun!
— Bat-Pat when in combat
Batman. We should have an epic rematch sometime.
— Bat-Pat when seeing Batman (The LEGO Batman Movie)
Surrender while you can, Plankton, because I am gonna tear down your oil rig before you can say my name.
— Pat-Bat when seeing Plankton (The LEGO SpongeBob Movie)
Hey, SpongeBob, I think I should think of a good name should you choose to be my sidekick...Blue Jay? Warbler? Canary? The list goes on...
— Patrick when seeing SpongeBob (The LEGO SpongeBob Movie)
"Bat Mouse," huh? I think I found myself a new rival...
— Bat-Pat when seeing Jerry
There's no way I'm running away from you.
— Bat-Pat when seeing any big character or riding any mech
My Bat-Suit makes me feel smart and confident.
— Bat-Pat when left idle
— Bat-Pat when left idle
The Dark Star the air!
— Bat-Pat when riding the Batwing