Old Robert
Old Robert
Character information
Name Old Robert
Gender Male
Franchise Venture
Residence Void
People do not believe in allies, but that is because they have not met Young Robert!
— Old Robert's first line when entering the game
Young Robert may have bronze in his hair, but he sure does have gold in his brain!
— Old Robert's second line when entering the game
As an awesome son, Young Robert has been promoted to father!
— Old Robert's third line when entering the game
Old Robert is a Venture character in LEGO Dimensions.


Old Robert was one of the four characters originally to be in Venture, but were removed the same day they were conceived, banished to the void. Old Robert dropped 1-2 strings, 1-2 feathers, 1-2 selenium, and 0-1 fire steels. Old Robert had five health.


In Vega, Old Robert can be found during the Gamebuster Invasion. In order to kill him, you must impale him through the mouth with a sword.


  • It is noticeable of the blue and white coloring on him, meaning it is either paint or natural markings (in which he is inhuman), due to being entirely nude.
  • Despite the mass bedrock breaking across Venture in the Attack of the Void alternate universe/DLC, the Gamebusters are notably nonexistent, meaning they either decomposed or chose not to escape.

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