Character Information
Name Nokon
Gender Male
Franchise BIOMECHA
Weapons/Accessories Trident
Occupation Tao
Residence Metri City
There is nowhere you can go that I have not traveled before.
— Nokon's first line when entering the game
This place is too dry.
— Nokon's second line when entering the game
But I was in the middle of playing with a BULLET!
— Nokon's third line when entering the game
Nokon is a BIOMECHA character in LEGO Dimensions.


Tao protected the residents of Metri City until the Likuta came to the land and killed all of the Tao except Ohioan. Before he was captured by the two Moonlit Hunters, Night and Kremem, Ohioan gave six Tao rocks to six Matrons. The six Matrons given a rock were Nokon, Elder, Leftand, Firmra, Null, and Armtect himself, who met at the Great Temple in Ga-Metro. They were transformed into the six Tao Metro after depositing their rocks into the Suva. After receiving a vision from Vaccant, they then seek to recover Big Disks, called Kana, hidden throughout Metri City.

After killing Squidley, the six new Tao bring the Kana discs to the Coliseum. But Slime Face, disguised as Turq Duke, puts them through a rigorous test. After failing, he denounces their existence as Tao and unleashes the Vahis law enforcers upon them. Three of the Tao, Armtect, Nokon, and Elder are captured and put into the jail of the Moonlit Hunters, while Leftand, Null, and Firmra escape after Slime Face throws a disc at a statue of Ohioan and kills the Vahis.

In the jail of the Moonlit Hunters, Armtect, Nokon, and Elder meet a mysterious Turq who helps them discover their helmet powers, which in turn create an exit.


  • Underwater Swimming
  • Water Shoot


  • He is portrayed by Pierce Gagnon, who reprises his role in the game.