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My Little Pony: The Movie is a franchise in Lego Dimensions.



( * = Accessible in-game)

Aventure World Gateway

IMG 20171108 162019 hdr kindlephoto-892103166

Adventure World


  • Canterlot (Time Change to Canterlot at Night)
  • Canterlot ​Town Square
  • Festival of Friendship
Show Stage Gateway*
  • Canterlot Castle
Restoration: Jukebox (10,000 studs)
  • Ponyville (I know it's not in the movie, but C'mon!)
    • ​Ponyville Town Square
    • Sugarcube Corner
    • Sweet Apple Acres
    • Fluttershy's Cottage
    • Rainbow Dash's House
    • Twilight's Castle
Restoration: Twilight's Castle (300,000 studs)
  • Forest

The Badlands

  • Klugetown
    • Capper's Manor
  • Klugetown Shops
    • The Desert
Restoration: Capper's Manor (240,000 studs)

Celaeno's Airship

Mount Eris

  • Hippogriffia
  • Basalt Beach



Level Music

Health Bar

IMG 20170905 182424 hdr kindlephoto-263813414

The character frame is a brown painting frame with 4 red diamonds in the top and bottom. The hearts are Crystal Hearts. When damaged, the hearts are fully cracked with some shards falling out.

Character Spotlight Music

The Festival Of Friendship (00:29-00:54)

Red Brick

Fastest Flyer in Equestria! (500,000 studs)

  • All characters with the Flight ability can now fly faster.

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