Mrs. Puff's Boating Test is a quest that can be found in the SpongeBob SquarePants Adventure World given by Mrs. Puff.


Start of the Quest

"Oh, hello! Welcome to my boating school! I'm your boating instructor, Mrs. Puff. I teach all underwater species! ...With the exception of the reckless sea sponge.

Anyway, if you'd like to have a go at getting your boating license, please enter the boating school's certified test boatmobile. Just please don't crash into too much stuff, alright?" - Mrs. Puff at the start of the Quest

Quest Duration

"Good! You haven't crashed into anything yet. So far, so good..." - Mrs. Puff after the player gets through half a lap

"That's one lap down. You're doing great so far!" - Mrs. Puff after the player completes a lap

"Oooh, you're driving pretty close to my boating school. Please don't crash into it..." - Mrs. Puff when the player drives near the Boating School

"Oh, SpongeBob, why?" - Mrs. Puff if the player crashes while playing as SpongeBob.

"Perhaps your skills have become a bit...rusty?" - Mrs. Puff if the player crashes while playing as Patrick, Sandy, Squidward or Mr. Krabs

End of the Quest

"Oh dear, you crashed. You're probably like that reckless student that I have in my school. Please come back and try again. And hurry, before the cops come..." - Mrs. Puff if the player crashes (the player will not receive a Gold Brick if they crash)

"Well done! You finished the test! I-I hope you didn't crash into anything, because that would be my responsibility. I'll just inspect this test course and I'll give you your license later. For now, take this shiny thing I found while you were testing." - Mrs. Puff upon quest completion


Drive three laps around Mrs. Puff's test track in the provided vehicle (the player does not need to place a vehicle on the LEGO Gateway) without crashing into anything.

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