Miss Techna
LEGO Miss Techna
Character Information
Name Miss Techna
Gender Female
Franchise Choose Your Fighter!
Weapons/Accessories Techna Toolbox
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Crystalline Mass
Occupation Mechanic, Inventor
Residence Gemopia Crystal Island (U23 Gemopia)
I am Miss Techna. And you are?
— Miss Techna when entering the game
Miss Techna is a Fun Pack character for the Choose Your Fighter! franchise in LEGO Dimensions.


Miss Techna was one of several mechanic units around Gemopia, modeled after a "child" frozen in crystal that had the ability to fly, and had excellent skill in fighting. However, Miss Techna was the only one of these mass-produced units given free will, thanks to a spirit from the crystal moon resting inside her.

After befriending Crystallon and Dreamkeeper, she aided them by making inventions and fixing up anything they needed to fix. She helps best when actively fighting alongside them, as her eyes can spot structural weaknesses.


  • Choose Your Fighter! World: Gemopia Crystal Island (U23 Gemopia)


  • Flight
  • Mini Access
  • Fix-It (Techna Wrench)
  • Relic Detector (Scanner Eyes)
  • Technology
  • Scrap Metal Build
  • Laser Deflector (Backplate Shield)
  • Sketchian Combo-Combat
  • Character Changing (Can change into Crystallon and Dreamkeeper)


Forgive me for my sudden departure; a mechanic is needed somewhere else.
— Miss Techna when leaving the game
You know what's fun about this job? Seeing how everything stays together. Rest assured, you won't be that way when I'm done.
— Miss Techna when in combat
These are not materials I am familiar with...
— Miss Techna when unable to solve a puzzle
Let me at this. I know exactly what to do.
— Miss Techna when able to solve a puzzle
Hmm... I might need to get myself another megabyte capacitor and some more nuts and bolts when I go parts shopping.
— Miss Techna when idle
I must study this back at my shack. I'll hold onto it for now.
— Miss Techna when obtaining a collectible
I cannot be destroyed that easily.
— Miss Techna when respawning
I guess another spirit gave you free will as well.
— Miss Techna to Miss Techna

Miscellaneous Actions

Entrance and Exit

  • Miss Techna flies out of the portal, spinning her Hologram Hands.
  • Miss Techna dives into the portal after her favorite wrench gets sucked in.

Idle Animations

  • Miss Techna grabs a shopping list out of her pocket and looks over it, then puts it away.
  • Miss Techna's party machine shoots confetti all over the place, so she runs after it until it goes off screen.

Finishing Moves

  • Miss Techna loads the party machine's barrel with her opponent, shooting them out of it.
  • Miss Techna grabs her opponent and kicks them upward, then slams them down.


  • Miss Techna's first name is Miss. This is mainly because she does not like having her name written down as Ms. Techna.
  • Miss Techna is the only Crystallon protagonist who doesn't have a Crystal Body.
  • Miss Techna is one of two characters to have the Scrap Metal Build ability. The other is Techo.