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Minecraft: Story Mode is one of the many franchise LEGO Dimensions.

Customs by User:Andrei Moldovan

  • Adventure worlds
    • Far lands
    • Portals chamber
    • Redstonia
    • Bo0m T0wn!!!
    • Crown Mesa
    • PAMA's interior
    • Mysterious dimension
    • White Pumpkin's mansion
    • The End (MCSM)
    • Nether (MCSM)
    • Hall of Fame
    • Gabriel's temple (location)
    • Jesse's treehouse
    • Endercon



Customs By User:Andrei Moldovan

  • Jesse
    • Jesse (armored)*
    • Olivia*
    • Olivia (armored)*
    • Petra*
    • Petra (armored)*
    • Axel*
    • Axel (armored)*
    • Lukas*
    • Lukas (armored)*
    • Ivor*

*Not included physically, but playabale in-game upon completing the Mincraft: Story Mode story pack

Customs by User:Andrei Moldovan

*Rebuilds and Re-rebuilds from Formidi-Bomb


Customs by User:Andrei Moldovan

  • Otto
  • PAMA
  • Gabriel
  • Em
  • Magnus
  • Ellegaard
  • Stampy cat (MC:SM)
  • Captain Sparklez(MC:SM)
  • LDShadowLady/Lizzy
  • Cassey Rose/White Pumpkin
  • Witherstorm
  • StacyPlays
  • Reuben
  • Reuben guy/False Rueben/Awkard man
  • Meatface
  • The blazerods/Ocelots
  • Hadrian
  • Mevia
  • Nell
  • Clutch
  • Harper
  • Slab
  • Isa
  • TorqueDog
  • Soren
  • Magnus

Customs by Creepa-Bot Inc.


  • Jesse Fun Pack


Adventure World

Health Bar

IMG 20170916 145009 hdr kindlephoto-349430094
IMG 20170916 150735 hdr kindlephoto-350619242
The character frame is a Minecraft inventory slot. The hearts are normal Minecraft hearts. When damaged, they have one half taken out, just like in the game.

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