Minecar Rocky Rocker Crystal Cart
Owner Kristian
Abilities *Accelerator Switch
  • Dig
  • Drill
Set Morphers Team Pack

Minecar is a Morphers vehicle in LEGO Dimensions.


Minecars are a type of trolley created by a machine called a "Cart Crasher", used in the tower defense sequences of Calling all Morphers. The Cart Crashes can be upgraded to launch faster and deadlier Minecars.


Minecar is a small brother of the dune buggy. It is small and speedy.


  • Accelerator Switch
  • Dig (Crystal)
  • Drill (Crystal)


  • It is one of two Morphers objects to not be based on a turret from CAM. The other is Gadgets.
    • However, it is based on a projectile from one.
  • It's build is similar to the Minecart and Axe Chariot.
  • They can be found littered all over the Mine.
    • They also appear in a few Venture locations like the Mountains.

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