Miles is a polybag character from Press Start.

Miles in press start
Character information
Name Miles
Gender Male
Franchise Press Start
Occupation Gamer


What is it?
— Miles' first line when entering the game.
WHERE ARE WE!?!?!??!
— Miles' second line when entering the game.
Later, dude!
— Miles' first line when leaving the game.
— Miles' second line when leaving the game.
I think my Mom got McDonalds, bye!
— Miles' third line when leaving the game
— Miles' in a vortex.
Meh, L-CAR 9 is good, but I'd prefer a BlackCell.
— Miles when shooting a target.
Hello, fellow gamer!
— Miles to Gamer Kid.
— Miles to Dave E. Venderman
— Miles when using the arcade dock ability.
Why do video game movies never work out well....?
— Miles when seeing Scorpion
That whole Shoryuken thing, yeah, keep it away from me......
— Miles' when seeing Ryu
Can I have an autograph?
— Miles' when seeing Egoraptor
You and GameTime, just weird.....
— Miles when seeing Chell


  • Arcade Dock Stations Ability
  • Portal Gun Ability
  • Target Ability
  • Acrobatics Ability
  • Character Changing Ability


  • Miles can character switch into Sky, GameTime,Peace, and Lizzie with the character selection wheel.
  • Miles' line toward Chell is a reference to how GameTime is in love with Chell.
  • Miles' line when shooting a target is a reference to CoD: Black Ops 3.
  • He's the first polybag character to unlock a level.

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