Mega Man is one of the many franchises in Lego Dimensions. It is a Sub-Franchise of Capcom.

Related Characters/Objects

Customs by Tonipelimies

Customs by Searingjet


Customs by Tonipelimies



  • Mega City
    • Dr. Light's Laboratory
      • Big Mess to Clean (Quest from Roll)
      • Screws n'Bolts (Quest from Auto)
      • Big Eddie (Restoration) 30,000 Studs
    • Guts Man's Construction Site
      • Let's Construct Something (Quest from Guts Man)
    • Cut Man's Forest
      • Timbered Time (Quest from Cut Man)
    • Robot Museum
      • Stealed Display Robots (Quest from Proto Man)
      • Guts Man G (Restoration) 25,000 Studs
  • Wily Castle
    • Robot Master Rematch (Quest from Bass)
    • Robot Master Factory (Restoration) 20,000 Studs

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